It's Too Cold Outside For Angels To Die [Ceara]

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It's Too Cold Outside For Angels To Die [Ceara]

Post by Grimm on Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:25 pm

Substratum Public Library - West/South District Border
Early December, 2011; 1930 Hours (7:30 PM)

Alex's temple twitched as he stood in the midsts of one of his literary havens; the giant library that stood at one part of the District "border" which separated the West and South Districts. While most people opted to stay away from the establishment due to the way it looked from the outside (what with the massive stone gargoyles on the roof overlooking the entire property), the interior was much more inviting with large comfortable chairs, a cozy reading temperature that was a blessing on Winter nights like this, and an exceedingly low amount of patrons that made relaxing easy.

But why, you wonder, was his temple twitching? Easy. Although the library was such a blissful haven, it had its devils too. Like the elderly staff, the next to deaf receptionist that could never hear you but still shushed you when you came close to yelling so she could, and the fact that most of the bookshelves were so high that it was almost impossible to track down the one (and only) step ladder. Vertically challenged people weren't the only ones that needed to reach books.

Sighing, Alex leaned against one of the walls as he thumbed through his book, until the near deaf library spoke over the intercom that the library would be closing soon. Great. Alex still hadn't finished looking around for the books he had came for, so this meant he would probably need to come back tomorrow assuming the roads were nice. The library itself only had windows on the second floor, but Alex didn't feel like vaulting up them to see how bad it was outside. He knew he needed too since he drove his jeep here, but he still wanted to get this last damn book before the place closed.

Pushing the sleeve of his trench-coat back to look at the time, Alex was distracted from actually reading it when the ladder was returned and a sheepish looking girl (he could have swore that saw a ghost with the long tangled black hair she had, her pale white skin and the old fashioned clothing she was wearing) bowed to him before she vanished down one of the more poorly lit aisles of books. Even city had its seven mysteries, the girl supposedly being one of them, but Alex didn't buy into things like that since ghosts were just fantasies.

As he turned down the aisle that had his book, he bumped into someone that was there but just out of his line of sight. The sound of books hitting the ground made him look down, but didn't slow him much as he moved to set the ladder down. Wrinkling his nose, the man ran a hand through his hair as he wondered if he should help her or not. "Sorry, didn't see you there." He wasn't really sorry, but he was telling the truth about not seeing her. He just wanted to get out and beat an potential snowfall that the city may throw at him. Unless, of course, it already was pretty bad outside.

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Re: It's Too Cold Outside For Angels To Die [Ceara]

Post by Ceara on Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:50 pm

Ceara sighed contently, snuggling deeper into her jacket. On cold winter nights like this night, the library was a sanctuary, perfectly warm, cozy, and relaxing. If you ignored the senile old librarian losing her hearing. Ceara had been here for more than a few hours already, and a small stack of books lay beside her to prove it. She flipped the page of her current book, before the crackle of the intercom being turned on made her look up. The loud, scratchy voice of the librarian filled the building, announcing that the library would be closing in half an hour.

Biting her lip, she glanced out the window, finally realizing what time it was, and that, while she was reading, a storm had started. There was already a thick layer of snow on the window sill. The woman frowned, glancing at the pile of books. I should really put these back. Extracting herself from her very, very comfortable armchair, she stacked the books and, picking them up with two hands, made her way down the stairs.

Ceara was busy balancing the books, which is why she didn’t see the man in front of her before they collided. Her books tumbled to the floor, a thick one falling squarely on her left toes. “Motherfuckingsonofa-" She cut off the expletive, remembering she was in a library. Kneeling down, she started to collect the books.

The asshole that bumped into her set something down behind her turned back. "Sorry, didn't see you there."

She scoffed. “Obviously.” Fucker didn’t even bother to help me, she thought as she set the last book on top of the stack. Her task finished, she stood up, wiped her hands on her pants, and turned around to face the man. “It’s perfectly okay, though. Tall people like you never see shorties like me, right?” She sent him a caustic smile. “Of course, it’s okay for you not to help me, too. Have a nice night, sir.” Nodding slightly at him, she passed by the much taller man, muttering obscenities under her breath.
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