Dancing in the Moonlight [Kota|Toby]

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Dancing in the Moonlight [Kota|Toby] Empty Dancing in the Moonlight [Kota|Toby]

Post by Toby on Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:32 pm

Another week had gone by without any applicants that were so much as considerable for the position. He had a lot of users and abusers going out for the spot, mercenaries who were really only interested in the cash and not so much in the work that they would be doing. Toby missed the force, he missed the young guys who came in with their mind set on what they wanted to do. He found their youth inspiring. Being a mentor gave him a bit of drive to go on with his position, but if he couldn't find someone soon he might have to call it quits and go to being nothing more than a mercenary for the bounty board. Not a proper investigator but just another dog to sick on criminals who had been found out.

He didn't relish that.

Then again, Toby didn't really feel anything at this particular moment as he was probably two drinks away from turning into a pickle. "I think you've had enough for the night, Detective."

"Thanks fer yer opinion but I'm fine, son!" Toby said as he struggled to stay upright on his seat. He was forced to use his cane just to sit up. "Since yeh asked nicely though, I suppose I'll be headin' home!"

"Not so fast old man, keys. Give them to me, now."

"Oh sure, I run over one-"


"Two old ladies and suddenly you can't drive."

"You're lucky they were too delirious to testify and that neither of them got hurt aside from a few bruises."

"Yeh, yeh." Toby stumbled off of his stool and out into the street. He would have to hail a cab but for now he would enjoy the cool fresh air. It was doing a lot to sober him and bring back some of his ability to take deep breaths without the urge to vomit. As he walked crookedly through the streets he lost his balance once or twice, the third time running into some wee little one. Not tiny but definitely much smaller than you'd expect to see on a night like tonight. Still, things were lit up pretty well with the moon as full as it was. "Sorry bout that boy!"

Toby held his cane with both hands as he stood up completely, looking to see if the boy was okay and offering a hand should he have fallen over.

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Dancing in the Moonlight [Kota|Toby] Empty Re: Dancing in the Moonlight [Kota|Toby]

Post by Kota on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:14 pm

Kota breathed in the night air, pulling his coat tighter around him. The weather had been pretty damn cold these days and here he was stuck in East District with no money left to take the Metro. It really sucked to forget how little money you had left until after it's spent. His best bet would be to find a park and sleep in the playground. He didn't mind that at all, though it had been a while since he had to resort to that. He'd been a bit to careless in spending this time around. At least it was a full moon tonight, so his power was at his best.

He sighed, frustrated. "Maybe I should work some more." He glanced up to see a figure stumble right into him. "Ahh, watch out--" In his attempt to catch the guy, he ended up ass to concrete. "Fuck..." Was it really so hard to see him? This was the second time someone had smacked into him recently. He wasn't that effing small.

"Sorry bout that boy!"

Oh, an old man. And one that smelled like alcohol at that. Accepting the extended hand, Kota stood back up, brushing off his butt. He thanked the man, smiling cheerfully at him. "You should be more careful, gramps. Maybe drink a bit less?" Kota did not like drunk old men. Drunk old men were usually the larger percentage of people who tried to grope him.

Out of habit, the blonde swept his gave over the man, who didn't seem to reaching for his ass. A relatively nice suit, cane, pretty decent shoes. He looked like a businessman. His face was aged- at least thirty years older- with jet black eyes. Okay, so Harbinger. And then his beard. Scraggly and unkempt. It stood out more than the formal suit and came off as very hobo-ish.

Smile and tone still chipper, he said "You know gramps, if you shaved a bit you wouldn't look so much like a drunk hobo trying to be classy." Harbinger or not, Kota was going to give his opinion anyway. He was confident he could outrun the old man if it came down to it.

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