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Announcement regarding participation Empty Announcement regarding participation

Post by Shade on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:35 pm

This is just a general inquiry regarding continuing interest in the group. Considering the number of people who have joined the group and not participated (and I understand that a good number of you have school, but there are more people missing than there are away posts), we have decided that if you no longer wish to participate in the group your character will be retired and, if they are a harbinger, the power will be opened again for others to use.

Please message Shade by Midnight, Western Standard Time on Friday, Nov. 23 with your decision of if you wish to remain a part of the group or not. If there is no message received, then it will be assumed you do not wish to continue and your character will be retired.

((Posted here in case no one checks their inboxes.))

Edit -- As a side note, would everyone please watch the News section of the forum so that we can be sure you're getting our announcements? Please and thank you.

Edit 2 -- If your name is now black, then you are marked as inactive. If you wish to change this and attempt to reinstate your character, you will need to PM Shade.

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