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Juicebox [Alin, Sei] Empty Juicebox [Alin, Sei]

Post by Alin on Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:36 pm

Alin fiddled around with his fork momentarily; pivoting it in a circular fashion before abruptly concluding, “You need to eat more,” and prodded his dish across the minimal length of the table to his fiancé. His plate was practically Mount Everest—a laden, meaty well done steak accompanied with a hat of golden mashed potatoes. It was an organic meal, but not suitable to Sei’s liking he knew. She was a vegan, and he knew that, but that was not exactly at the top of his priority list when he offered her his lunch. He did not mind wasting it, though. Money was an object easily replaced throughout the duration of his lifetime. For he and his father, anyway.

Passing his plate onward, he had no idea what the girl was eating, but knew in his world it was equivalent to rabbit food.

It was not particularly that he wanted her to eat, but rather he was insanely nervous and his metal state was in a melancholic trance unfamiliar.

Later on in the day, they were to visit a friend of theirs, an orphan, Sophia. It had been a while since Alin had last seen her and that alone was enough to send him into a chafe state. The usually halcyon faux redhead was silenced.

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