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Group Warning

Post by Shade on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:23 pm

This is a group-wide warning: bullying and hate mail will NOT be tolerated. It is not something that should need to be stated.

This is the only warning anyone will receive.

Instances after January 15, 2013 will result in BANNING.

If you have an issue with another member, there are several options you can choose from (examples being: attempt to quietly work it out; minimize contact; request mediation from a moderator) that does not include sending an angry message or getting someone else to do it for you (on this site or any other).

If said issue is something that does not involve you and you are upset over a situation between two other members, or a member and someone from off site, then STAY OUT OF IT. You will not be helping anyone by getting involved - odds are that you do not know the entire situation and will only make things worse. If you are concerned, speak to the person you are concerned about and find out what their standing is.

If you feel that you have been bullied by someone, may have been doing the bullying, or believe that someone is being bullied, message Shade and explain the situation. She will look into it and make a note of it.

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