Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

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Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

Post by Lisa on Fri May 03, 2013 4:40 pm

Wing: Lisa let out a soft, happy sigh as she locked up the office. One of her patients had fully recovered from his injuries after the car accident he and his family had been in and she had just removed the cast from his leg.

She turned to start across the dark parking lot to the moped she used around the year.

Ella: Halt was waiting for her outside the front entrance, holding a small bouquet of obviously hand picked flowers, dressed surprisingly well. His ancient car was parked, blocking access to her moped. "Lisa!" He straightened walking towards her with a nervous smile.

Wing: Lisa jumped with a gasp, one hand flying to her chest since she wasn't expecting for anyone to be hanging around. She was especially wary after being jumped the other week though thankfully the bruises had faded already. Seeing Halt, she let out a relieved breath and her form relaxed. "God, Halt, you scared me." She gave him a light smile. "Is everything okay?"

Ella: "Yeah. Marjorie's a grump because she can't run, but everything's better now." He paused and offered her the flowers. "I um...was wondering if I could take you on a date now?"

Wing: She blinked and took the flowers reflexively. "Right now? I just got off work and I'm not remotely ready," she protested a bit weakly.

Ella: "But you look beautiful," he insisted, reaching out before remembering himself and dropping his hand.

Wing: She blushed lightly, looking down at the flowers to hide that before taking a light sniff of them. "Thank you for the flowers," she said softly, reaching up to brush her hair behind her ear.

Ella: He took one and tucked it with her hair, smiling. "You want to catch a movie? There's one stupid romance about zombies."

Wing: She blinked and looked up at him again then laughed softly. "...Okay, sure. But I really should go home and clean up. At the very least drop off my things and moped. Follow me there?"

Ella: "All right. I'll give you a head start." He smiled and went to his car, watching her as he turned the engine over.

Wing: She smiled at him, pulling her helmet on as she walked. It took them maybe twenty minutes to drive to her house and for her to park the moped in the small garage off the alley in back.

Turning toward Halt, Lisa tilted her head. "Would you like to come in to wait?"

Ella: "If that's ok with you," he said, surprised at being invited inside. He followed a bit hesitatingly.

Wing: She laughed softly. "If it wasn't, I wouldn't have asked," she teased lightly, leading him into the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink?"

Ella: "Milk, if you have it."

Wing: Lisa nodded and got him a glass. "I'll try not to take too long," she said before vanishing up the stairs.

It was another twenty minutes before she came down again, looking a bit shy in the knee length dress she had put on. Her hair was lightly styled and there was a small bit of make-up on her eyelids, cheeks, and lips. "Sorry for taking so long."

Ella: "No you didn't. I was just admiring your um..." He stared at her, speechless. "K-knees," he stammered out, remembering he was talking.

Wing: She blinked and glanced down, shifting her weight a little and making the skirt move around her legs. "What? My knees?" She looked up at him again, a little bemused.

Ella: "S-sorry...they're dimpled. You look great." He looked up at her eyes, offering his arm. "Hopefully my car doesn't break down."

Wing: She blushed softly, slipping on her coat and picking up her purse before taking his arm. "We could take my mini-van if you prefer."

Ella: "No, I'm the one taking you out, not vice versa," he insisted, smiling when she took his arm.

Wing: "You can still drive, but at least we won't need to worry about it breaking down," she said with a smile, turning toward him. "So, you said a movie. Were you thinking dinner too?"

Ella: "Of course. Isn't that traditional?" He stopped, looking back at her and resisting the urge to kiss her.

Wing: She smiled softly. "I suppose it is. Am I to assume that you want to pay?"

Ella: "Yes." He smiled back, biting the inside of his cheek. Must behave.

Wing: She nodded, saying, "Alright. But so long as I get to pay next time," as she stepped out the door with him and turned to lock the door. She was going to text Marjorie while in the car and let her know that the doctor was going out.

Ella: "Um, okay I guess." He waited, stealing the keys from her and hurrying to open the passenger door for her.

Wing: Laughing softly, Lisa walked over, pausing before she got in to use the vehicle as a step to kiss his cheek. "Thank you, Halt." She smiled at him and slid into the seat.

Ella: He blushed lightly, closing the door after she was settled, walking around and climbing in on the other side. "So how was work?" he asked curiously.

Wing: She smiled widely. "It was a good day. One of my patients was so happy to get the cast off of his leg. And there's a family with three children who all have the chicken pox but they were happy to play connect the dots on their arms," she said with a laugh before tilting her head at him. "I don't know if you've said what it is that you do though?"

Ella: "Oh, I just have my little pawnshop. It's a decent enough job. I get enough money at least." They were only half lies, after all.

Wing: "A pawnshop? I bet you see some of the most interesting things in there. What are some of the oddest items you've had?" she asked, genuinely interested.

Ella: "A mummified hand holding a glass eye. Nasty. I couldn't buy it though. Against the law, I'm afraid." He grinned a bit. "I also help some of the street kids earn an honest dime by having them run errands for me."

Wing: She blinked, astonished at that. "Someone was actually trying to sell something like that?" That... was certainly something new. "And that's sweet of you. Is that how you met Andrew?"

Ella: "That was more of him being quite blue in the face and such." He shook his head. "I gave him a hot meal and a place to stay for the night. He won a place in my heart that night."

Wing: "Yes, he seems to do that with people," she said with a smile. "It's hard not to like him."

Ella: "If only he could think so," he said with a soft sigh. "Movie first, so we can fill up on popcorn and possibly just have dessert." He helped her out of the car when he parks.

Wing: Lisa frowned a little at what he said about Andrew, curious but not wanting to pry so she let it pass by without comment. She laughed softly, accepting his hand to stand and took his arm again as they walked. "Which movie did you say we were going to see?"

Ella: "Zombie romance on drugs," he said with a smile. "I figured we could groan our way though it."

Wing: She laughed again. "I'm surprised that you want to see a romance. You don't look the type."

Ella: "I've heard just how terrible it is. Do you have something else in mind?"

Wing: She shook her head. "I don't watch very many movies so anything is fine." She smiled when they stepped into the warm theater, not having expected the temperature difference to be as great as it was.

Ella: He relaxed as he paid for tickets and popcorn, one large tub and two drinks. He got some Twizzlers too, sticking a pair in his mouth like fangs and grinning at her.

Wing: She blinked then laughed, lifting one hand to cover her mouth politely as her eyes crinkled.

Ella: He sucked them both into his mouth to chew, laughing as he swallowed. "Well now that the main entertainment is over, let's watch a movie."

Wing: She walked next to him, still giggling softly. She picked a seat somewhere roughly in the middle and smiled up at him. "Thank you for paying."

Ella: "It's no problem." He had set aside money for a week, just in case. He sat and carefully set the tub of popcorn on his knee, angled towards her so she could reach easily.

Wing: She crossed her legs at the ankle and leaned toward him a little.

Ella: He had been doing the "dare I don't I" of the shoulder hug for about half the movie now. He kept glancing at her timidly and sneakily. slowly moving his arm over to the shared arm rest cautiously.

Wing: She shifted, lifting her arm to reach for some of the popcorn. When she set her arm down again, over his on accident, she blushed and moved her arm again, whispering, "Sorry," as she did so.

Ella: "It's okay," he whispered back, twisting his arm so it was palm up this time. He hoped the invite was obvious.

Wing: Lisa blinked then smiled softly. She slipped her arm between his and the seat back to hold his hand. Her other hand came up to rest on his bicep and she leaned her head against his shoulder, blushing softly as she watched the screen.

Ella: That made him start grinning and he couldn't stop throughout the entire movie, leaning his cheek against her hair softly. By the time it ended, his mouth was hurting, but he still couldn't stop the stupid grin on his face from showing.

Wing: Lisa smiled when she felt his head on hers. Normally by now her dates would have tried to slip their hand up her skirt. It was one of the reasons that she had rebuffed Halt for so long - someone who was only looking for a conquest wouldn't have kept asking for so long, but a couple had.

When the movie was over, Lisa was still shaking her head and laughing. "That has to have been the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen."

Ella: His grin relaxed at hearing her voice again. "I have to agree. It was rather silly and contradicted its own facts constantly." He was laughing too, but mainly he couldn't get his eyes off of her.

Wing: She looked up at him and blushed softly, glancing aside to shyly tuck her hair behind her ear again. "S-so, where did you want to go for dinner?"

Ella: "The place I first took Andrew is actually nearby..." he said slowly. "They've got excellent ice cream."

Wing: She thought about it then nodded. "Okay. That sounds good."

Ella: "Unless you are hungrier of course." Take the chance you dunce, he berated himself. Finally he reached forward and tangled his fingers with hers, working hard to limit his blush.

Wing: "It's a diner, right?" she asked, smiling and not pulling her hand away though she did blush again. "Why not dinner and then ice cream?"

Ella: "All right. I may just have pie and ice cream myself though," he said. He had eaten a good three quarters of popcorn out of nervousness on his own.

Wing: She tilted her head to peer at him. "We... could share an entree?" she offered a bit unsurely. "I mean, if you'd like to."

Ella: "Oh, that's a brilliant idea." He brightened and gave her a brilliant smile, walking past the car and down the street. It was hard enough finding a parking place.

Wing: She smiled back, leaning against his arm again, her free hand on her purse. "What kind of food do they offer?"

Ella: "Burgers mainly. Salads. Wings. Pizza. A rather large assortment, now that I think about it." He grinned a bit, squeezing her hand lightly.

Wing: "What would you like to share?" She smiled and squeezed back.

Ella: "Their wings aren't the best. but they are rather delicious." He smiled and kept walking, opening the door for her.

Wing: She smiled again, slipping through. "What would you recommend?" she asked as she slipped off her coat.

Ella: "Burgers. Messy but handmade. Even the patties are formed from the meat bought from down the street." He took her coat, folding it neatly to place beside him in the booth.

Wing: Smoothing her skirt, she slid in across from him. "So we'll split a burger and fries?"

Ella: "Sounds like a plan to me. I'm sure they can cut it in half for us."

Wing: She laughed softly. "We can just as easily as well," she said with a teasing smile and nod at the silverware.

Ella: He picked up one of the wrapped sets and poked her nose lightly. "Smart aleck," he teased softly.

Wing: She blinked, nose wrinkling a little at that as she stared at him in surprise. Huffing softly, she pursed her lips and waited until he started to look nervous before she grabbed a sugar packet and tossed it at him in retaliation. She then started laughing at the look on his face.

Ella: He looked perplexed, staring down at the packet in his lap before tossing it back at her with a slight grin. "Evil too."

Wing: "I'm a woman, aren't I?" she asked with a coy smile, ducking her head a little to peer at him from under her eyelashes. It was rather nice to be able to relax like this and just have some fun.

Ella: "I don't believe in the women are inherently evil stereotype. Mostly the men need to be the ones defending the women one." He ordered their burger, shutting their menus easily and handing them over.

Wing: She added on a chocolate milkshake and waited for the waitress to walk away before tilting her head at Halt. "And what if said woman doesn't think she needs to be defended?" she asked curiously.

Ella: "Then I guess she'd get to teach me a lesson in equality," he said with a small smile. "But I'd still be likely to be a tad bit paranoid."

Wing: She nodded slowly. "And if she's a woman who can knock you on your rump?" She knew a few women like that, was best friends with one of them actually.

Ella: "Well, then I would have no choice but to respect her. I'm quite big after all. So if anyone can knock me down, they deserve my respect." He grinned brightly.

Wing: She laughed softly. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." She shifted to toy with her napkin. "What made you decide to open a pawn shop?"

Ella: "Actually it used to be my uncle's. He was basically my dad and when I started skipping class, he said I could get my GED at sixteen if I came to work for him full time. So I did. He died young though, and I inherited the shop." He smiled with a bit of fondness. The other part, the drugs and information dealing, had been all him.

Wing: "I'm sorry for your loss," she said softly, reaching out to set her hand on his lightly.

Ella: "Thank you." He smiled slightly. "I'll let you in on a secret. It was nigh on ten years ago. I'm older than I look."

Wing: She blinked then laughed softly. "Oh? Then how old are you, Mr. Schineldr?"

Ella: "Does a lady ever gossip to her friends the secrets of her dates?" he asked with a teasing glint in his eyes.

Wing: "Well, I suppose that would depend on the lady and how juicy the secret," she answered with a smile.

Ella: He groaned. "You're cruel Lis. You turn my affection for you into a game and crush my heart in the process." He took her hand to kiss her knuckles lightly. "I just turned 30."

Wing: She paused, a bit startled and blushing over what he said and the nickname and that knuckle kiss. "I'm sorry?" she asked, not sure if he was teasing. "I don't actually gossip really," she said reassuringly. "And you certainly don't look thirty."

Ella: "I know I don't. Why do you think I prefer to say I'm 27? But now you're the second one to know the truth." He grinned at her reaction, letting her take her hand back.

Wing: She smiled a little shyly, then more confidently as their food and drinks were brought out. "Thank you," she said softly before taking a sip of her shake.

Ella: "You're welcome. And, just so you know, I'm still serious about courting you, Miss Rhodes." He cut the burger in half, picking up a fry. "I'll go at any pace you want."

Wing: She blushed softly and took a fry for herself. "Why is it that you're interested in me? You're certainly charming enough for a more attractive partner."

Ella: "Charming? Hardly. Ask Andrew how I am in the mornings." He laughed before sobering. "You are beautiful. I first saw you playing with a little girl who had chicken pox. Your beauty in such a place shone much like a pearl in seawater. So don't start with that, my dear doctor. You're beautiful and incredibly smart and kind."

Wing: Lisa blushed deeply, looking down. "Thank you," she whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear again. "You have a velvet tongue, Halt."

Ella: "I suppose. Should I try to speak more plainly?" he asked, nervously.

Wing: She shook her head and gave him a shy smile. "You can if you like. I just meant that you're a flatterer."

Ella: "I'm not though...I just am saying the truth..." He looked flustered and confused.

Wing: A small bit of surprise crossed over her face and she blushed again. "You... you really think all that?" she asked softly. She felt like she was back in high school and her crush was talking to her.

Ella: "Yes, I really do. That's the only reason I put up with the month long rejection." He looked down again.

Wing: Reaching out, Lisa set her hand on Halt's again. "I'm sorry that it upset you. I just saw how you and Andrew were so I assumed you were dating him and... I've gotten used to men not actually being interested in me."

Ella: "Well, I was serious," he said quietly. "And I had told you I wasn't serious about him. I just neglected to mention that we were just friends."

Wing: "For what it's worth, I'm glad that you were persistent. I've been having a lot of fun tonight." She started to pull her hand away, thinking that he didn't want her to be touching him right now.

Ella: He moved, taking her hand more tightly. "I am too." He flipped her hand over, tracing the palm for a moment. "I guess we should eat."

Wing: She smiled, watching his fingers move over her hand. "In a bit," she murmured, reaching out to take hold of his hand with both of hers, quietly studying his hand. "You've got long fingers. Do you play the piano?"

Ella: "No. I'm afraid I'm not the artsy type. Are you?"

Wing: She smiled and shook her head. "The closest I come to any form of art is that I enjoy cooking."

Ella: He laughed. "I love cooking personally," he admitted without hesitance.

Wing: Her smile brightened and she let go of his hand to pick up her half of the burger. "We'll have to cook together some time. What's your favorite food?"

Ella: His mind went dirty for a moment. "Bre - chicken breasts. BBQ chicken and mac and cheese."

Wing: She tilted her head, wondering why he had stuttered. She finished chewing the bite she had taken, nodding. "That's a good meal. Have you ever had gumbo?"

Ella: "Twice. First time I burnt it, second time was bland." He shrugged. "Probably missed something."

Wing: Lisa blinked then nodded. "I'll have to invite you over the next time I make some," she said before taking another bite of her burger. At least she wasn't one of those women who ate like a bird.

Ella: He smiled. "That sounds nice."

Wing: She smiled back and nudged his half of the burger closer to him, nodding at it for him to eat.

Ella: He blushed and smiled, taking it quickly. "Sorry, got lost in my thoughts." He started eating, distracting himself with the meat.

Wing: Her smile widened and she giggled, shifting the burger to hide her mouth as she laughed. "Are you sure it's just your thoughts that are distracting you?" she teased, more confident now that she knew he was he was genuine and they had cleared things up some. And since she was feeling bold, she reached out with one foot to gently nudge his leg.

Ella: He jumped and flushed. "A-ah...well, I did say you were beautiful, didn't I?" he asked in return, taking another bit of his burger.

Wing: She laughed at his reaction, looking at him fondly. "And you're very handsome," she said before popping the last bite of her half into her mouth and grabbing a napkin to lightly wipe her hands.

Ella: "W-well." He didn't know how to reply but finished his off fairly quickly, cursing his mind. He didn't know if she was merely teasing though.

Wing: She tilted her head and studied him before raising her eyebrows and pointed a fry at him. "I'm serious," she said then ate the fry.

Ella: He blushed more and took a fry for himself. "Thanks, I suppose." He smiled at her. "I take it you like freckles."

Wing: "Actually, I think your eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I like men who are taller than I am and are strong."

Ella: He smiled more. "Really? That's rather a lot of flattery yourself, miss." He grinned and kept eating.

Wing: She blushed softly then sniffed. "I'm just being honest," she said haughtily before she met his eyes and started to smile and laugh.

Ella: He smiled a bit, swirling a bit of mustard on his fry before poking her nose with it.

Wing: She jerked back and blinked, clearly startled. Reaching up, she wiped it off with a napkin before she threw a fry at him, bouncing it off his cheek.

Ella: "Let's not get kicked out just yet." He laughed, trying to catch the fry in his mouth.

Wing: "Well, if we do, it'll be your fault for starting it," she teased, sticking her tongue out at him.

Ella: "You were poking fun! It was self defense." He was tempted to lean forward and kiss that tongue. Did she not realize just how beautiful she was?

Wing: "You were first. I was just fighting fire with fire," she said, shifting a little at the look in his eyes.

Ella: "I wasn't poking fun. I was being serious." He forced himself back and thought of dead kittens. That helped cool him off after a few minutes.

Wing: She tilted her head to give him a confused look. "Wait, then what do you think I said that was poking fun?"

Ella: "Saying the "I'm just being honest" line in an imitation of my voice. A poor one, I might add." He smiled gently and ordered a banana split.

Wing: She nodded. "Alright, that was, but your comment about flattery wasn't?"

Ella: "Point." He smiled again. "You best me there."

Wing: She smiled back. "So, like I said, you started it."

Ella: "I already said you won!" He held his hands up in mock defeat.

Wing: Her smile widened into a grin and she laughed brightly, tucking her hair behind her ear again. Now that she wasn't shy and looking away, Halt could figure out that it was a gesture that she used to show her interest, and was something that she had been doing since the third time he had tried asking her out.

Ella: He waited for the sundae to be ordered, handing her a spoon. "Split it?"

Wing: She smiled and nodded. "Sure. Do you mind if I take all the chocolate?"

Ella: "Course not, so long as I get the strawberry."

Wing: Her smile widened. "Sounds fair to me." And when the sundae was brought out, she happily took a spoonful, humming softly at the taste.

Ella: He watched her for a bit, eating himself and smiling quietly.

Wing: She blinked when she realized he was watching her and blushed softly. "Did I get chocolate on my face?" she asked softly.

Ella: "No. I just think you look happy. Happier than staying at home, at any rate." He smiled more when she blushed.

Wing: She tilted her head, looking a little confused. "What do you mean?"

Ella: "Would you be happier at home, doing whatever, than sitting here?" he asked curiously.

Wing: She paused, honestly thinking it over rather than give a quick answer. "...No," she said softly, looking down shyly before glancing up at him again. "I'm having a lot of fun with you."

Ella: He smiled, repressing the urge to blush. "So am I."

Wing: She smiled back, getting a bit of the whipped cream on her spoon then reaching out to put it on the end of his nose.

Ella: He blinked and went cross eyed before laughing, attempting to lick it off. He failed, of course.

Wing: She laughed and turned back to the ice cream, smiling widely.

Ella: He left the cream there, going back to eating himself until it was all but finished. "I'm full."

Wing: Lisa polished off the ice cream then picked up a napkin to clean the cream off for him. "Thank you for dinner and dessert."

Ella: "But not the movie?" he asked, eyebrow quirking. He smiled though, standing and offering his hand to her again.

Wing: "I thanked you for the movie earlier," she teased, slipping her coat on before taking his hand. "But yes, thank you for that as well."

Ella: "Well you seemed to be doing the whole kit and caboodle." He tangled their fingers again, walking back slowly as if to lengthen the time together.

Wing: She shook her head. "No, I'll thank you for the evening after you take me home," she responded, leaning her head against his arm again, closing her eyes momentarily to enjoy the feeling.

Ella: "Lucky me." He slowly loosened his grip, wrapping an arm around her waist softly.

Wing: She smiled, lifting her arm to go around his waist as well. Lisa was a bit disappointed when they got back to the van and it was time to drive back.

Ella: He kissed her hair daringly before tucking her in her seat, humming softly to himself as he climbed in and started the vehicle, driving carefully back to her home.

Wing: She blinked in surprise at the kiss then smiled, glancing at him shyly before looking out the window as they drove.

And when they were back, she turned to him, wondering what he was going to do next.

Ella: "I'll escort you to the door then," he said, pulling the keys out of the ignition and handing them over, jumping out quickly and walking around to her own door.

Wing: She smiled, accepting his hand to get out of the van and held it up the stairs to the door of her house. "Thank you for a wonderful evening, Halt."

Ella: "Thank you, Lis." He reached up, touching her cheek softly.

Wing: She blushed softly, looking up and meeting his eyes. She couldn't help but wonder if he'd kiss her, and hope that he would.

Ella: He stroked his thumb over her lips and sighed. "I have to do this. Been waiting too long." He knelt slightly, bending over to kiss her softly and carefully.

Wing: Her breath caught when his thumb brushed her lips and she gasped softly when he kissed her, her eyes drifting closed as she kissed back, pushing up onto her toes. One of her hands gently caught his wrist as the other tangled in his shirt.

Ella: He smiled a bit as she responded, shutting his eyes. He pulled away after a moment, sighing. "Thank you again."

Wing: Her eyes slowly opened. "What are you thanking me for?" she asked softly.

Ella: "Giving me a chance. Do I get a second?" He smiled, thumb over her lips again. She tasted sweet, like chocolate.

Wing: She smiled brightly. "I'd really like that."

Ella: "You choose the day and time. Here's my cell." He kissed her cheek, eyes crinkling. "Better make sure Marjorie didn't invite her boyfriend over."

Wing: She laughed softly. "They're probably asleep on the couch with a movie going." She pulled one of her business cards out of her purse and handed it to him. "My cell number is on the back."

Ella: "Good night, doc." He took it, tucking it away.

Wing: She stopped him when he had gone down two steps, leaning forward to lightly press her lips to his again. "Good night Halt," she responded softly, eyes warm, then turned to unlock the door.

Ella: He smiled widely as he left, going to start his car. He gave up before it started though, getting out to walk.

Wing: Lisa watched him get into his car then slipped into the house, closing and locking the door again before leaning against it and touching her lips softly and smiling.

Ella: Marjorie heard the door shut and came downstairs, yawning. "Lisa! Hi! How was the date?"

Wing: She blushed softly, turning to hang her coat up. "It went wonderfully. I'm sorry if I woke you."

Ella: "Riley is asleep on the couch in the living room - he fell asleep during the movie and I wanted to be in pjs." She smiled a bit. "Did you kiss him?"

Wing: Lisa's cheeks turned redder and she reflexively licked her lips, remembering how he had tasted like strawberries and mint, but she didn't answer.

Ella: "No?" She looked disappointed. "He piiiiiiiines after you Lisa like a sad puppy dog."

Wing: Lisa sighed softly, turning to look at Marjorie with a shyly embarrassed look. "Yes, he kissed me. And yes, I kissed him." She smiled, looking down as her hand lifted to touch her lips. "We're going to go out again some time."

Ella: She laughed and hugged the older woman. "He's going to be so happy. I'm going to go call Andrew." She hurried off, nearly running into the wall. No glasses.

Wing: "Be careful, please. I don't think you want a bloody nose," she called after the girl then laughed softly, a giddy smile coming to her lips again as she thought about Halt.

Ella: "I am!" Lisa could hear some muted talking as she literally jumped onto Riley to wake him.

Wing: Lisa's laugh brightened and she started up the stairs, pausing to call to them, "Don't stay up too late or make a mess," before going to her room to call Marian and tell her the good news.

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Re: Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

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Re: Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

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Re: Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

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Re: Halt Gets a Date -- Halt, Lisa ((canon))

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