Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Fri May 03, 2013 8:34 pm

Wing: Andrew bit back a whimper when he was finally allowed to slump down against the wall, turning his head to spit out blood. His ribs were sore from the kicks and his lip was split from the second or third punch, which was probably what had caused his headache as well. That, or it was getting slammed head first into the brick wall. He just really hoped that the blood that he had spit out was due to his gums bleeding some and not because he was coughing it up or had some teeth knocked loose.

Green eyes narrowing in a glare, he switched his gaze between each of the two who had jumped him and the third guy who he had thought that he was being hired by. It just figured that they were more interested in randomly beating the crap out of someone than on going their merry way. And they weren't the least bit frightened of him or his clearly unnatural eyes.

Of course, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that he was pretty sure they didn't want to just beat him. He just wasn't sure if he was hoping more for them to rape him and leave him alive or kill him and leave him his dignity. So long as they didn't do both...

Tora: It was purely coincidence he happened to find Andrew. Not that he hadn't necessarily been looking for him, but it had to be fate he found him when he did. If only it had just been a bit sooner though. "What the fuck are you doing!?" The three men had about 2 seconds to look surprised before Trevor slammed his fist against the face who was closest to Andrew. It didn't last long, turns out that they were a bunch of fucking cowards once they were up against someone who could actually hurt them. Though it contributed that Trevor towered over all of them and was wielding hell's fury in those ice blue eyes; they finally fled when Trevor snapped out his switchblade and clearly was not afraid to use it.

Once gone, he immediately dropped down on one knee facing the redhead. "Andrew? Can you hear me? Are you conscious?" He looked bad, but not the worst he'd seen and his life could possibly depend on Trevor being calm. He tried to wipe away some of the blood on his face with the pad of his thumb as gently as he could.

Those... no word he could think of would've been strong enough to describe how disgusting those guys were. Examining him closer he could see some cuts and who knows how much they kicked him... His clothes were partially ripped and jeans forcefully undone but not enough to have committed what would've happened if Trevor had showed up any later. Sliding his jacket off and giving Andrew some decency with it; the other was nearly unconscious if not already so healing him with his power would be a bad idea right now. "I'm going to take you back to the house ok?" as gently as possible he picked the redhead up into his arms.

Wing: Andrew flinched and cringed away as much as he could when he felt someone touch his face, whimpering again in pain. He had no idea what was going on, not with how he was just concentrating on keeping himself as awake as possible. And he'd admit that it wasn't very but he wasn't giving up on that just yet - he wanted to know when they started raping him, if they did.

Blinking slowly, finding it increasingly hard to focus, the runner shakily lifted his head when he felt the jacket drape over him. "Trev?" he murmured just before he finally succumbed to the pain in his head and blacked out, head lolling back and going limp in the other man's arms.

When he woke again, a few hours had passed and Andrew could feel every little ache and bruise, but not the ones he had really been expecting. Groaning softly, his eyes slowly opened and he glanced around, wondering where he was and how he had gotten where ever it was. Well, the best way to find that out would be to explore.

He started to push himself up, but the sharp pain in his torso told him that was a stupid idea so he settled back against the pillows, panting softly and wincing. None of his ribs were outright broken, but that didn't mean they weren't cracked. He should take it easy until he could ask the doc to take a look at him.

"Hello?" he called softly, swallowing a bit dryly.

Tora: It hurt just a little; he understood completely Andrew had been scared and didn’t understand or really recognize him. But still, it hurt. People kept looking at him; several were of concern but most looked scared and didn’t want to get involved, especially the closer they got to North.

Andrew was still passed out so he’d gently laid him on the couch and patched him up as best as he could with the small amount of supplies he’d stored at the house so far. He’d gotten some ice and placed it on the most swollen looking areas but there was really nothing else he could do until the redhead woke up. There’d been time to think on the way back and he’d process some of the choice sentences those punks had said; enough to pretty much confirm a previous suspicion. The healer wouldn’t use his power on Andrew, at least until he’d talked to him.

When he finally woke up Trevor had been in the kitchen soaking a rag and returned with it to Andrew’s side. “It’s just me.” He still looked pretty bad- if not worse for the bruises starting to color- but at least he was awake. “You have blood on your face.” It’s the only warning he got before Trevor started scrubbing gently at said blood splatters and streaks. Andrew was too weak to resist strongly and he finished quickly only to grab one of the ice packs and press it to one of his swelling cheeks, “Hold it there.” The doctor goggles finally came off when Andrew obeyed, soft concern filling his face and the obvious question. What happened?

Wing: As soon as Andrew saw his housemate, his whole body relaxed and he leaned back on the pillows under his head and shoulders. Now he recognized the room he was in - he didn't normally see the ceiling at this angle. Or lay on the couch for that matter.

The redhead was about to ask what had happened when Trevor started to clean him, drawing an indignant noise and some weak struggles. "I can do that myself," he protested even as he gave in and let Trevor finish. It was nice letting someone else take care of him, the main reason he rarely gave more than token protests, and if he closed his eyes, he could pretend for a few moments that it meant something more than it did.

Andrew yelped at the cold of the pack, hand coming up reflexively to jerk it away. And then he realized that it actually felt really nice so he did as asked and kept it in place. Green eyes flickered up to meet blue before dropping again and looking away. He remembered what happened now and that familiar pit of shame was opening up in his gut again, but somehow felt so much worse than any of the prior times. Maybe it was because of how he hadn't been weak in front of Trevor before and hadn't wanted to ever seem that way. More likely though, it was that he had been happy pretending that he didn't do what he did and didn't want Trevor to know about it.

"Thanks," he said softly, moving his free hand to toy with the jacket still draped over him. He didn't know what to say, didn't know what Trevor was thinking or anything like that. But he was willing to bet that the healer was disgusted with him now; he was pretty disgusted with himself after all.

Tora: He was silent for several moments, searching Andrew before sighing, "...You shouldn't move for awhile so you'll have to stay for at least the night. I don't think there's any spare clothes here for you unfortunately." He'd wanted for Andrew to tell him what happened; confirm what Trevor was thinking. The redhead looked plenty uncomfortable, and not from the pain, but he couldn't push him; if he thought of Andrew as another of his customers he could do it. He stood up. "I'll cook you something a bit later, I need to clean up." Cleaning up Andrew had left him partially blood splattered and he needed a shower anyways. Sparing one final stare as a warning for Andrew to remain in the house while he was gone. He hated to leave him but the other needed a little time to himself he decided.

Wing: Andrew nodded slowly. Staying still and somewhere safe sounded like a great idea. After all, he couldn't go to Halt's, the man was out with Doc Rhodes, and Ceara was right out since they still weren't talking, and he didn't want Marjorie to think he was more pathetic than she probably already did. And spare clothes weren't a problem so long as his bag was here; which it was, he could see it over by the fireplace.

He blinked and looked up as Trevor stood then dropped his eyes once more as he saw that severe gaze. The healer was really angry, wasn't he? Must have been because he had to go out of his way to prevent something that was all Andrew's fault anyway what with his 'high risk lifestyle' and all that.

His head jerked up again when Trevor started away. Wait, he was going to leave the room? He wasn't just going to use the kitchen sink to wash his hands?

Andrew's eyes widened then he stumbled to his feet, tripping a little over the coat that had been blanketing him. "Wait!" he called, ignoring the pain that his body was throwing at him from moving already and instead rushed after Trevor. "D-don't leave me alone, please," he plead softly, catching up and pressing against the other man's back, closing his eyes as he wrapped his arms around him.

"I don't want to be alone."

Tora: "Wh- Andrew I'm just going to take a shower..." He didn't think the redhead would have this reaction. But he was scared; he could feel it. He was between scolding Andrew for moving when he told him not to or comforting him. But he really did need that shower and it's not like he could take the redhead with him. Sighing again he unwrapped Andrew's arms; turning to face him while keeping a hold on his hands for comfort. "You shouldn't move ok? If you promise me that you can outside until the five minutes it will take me and then I'll be with you the rest of the night." He tried to be as gentle as possible; trying to edge around the traumitization.

Wing: His eyes flickered over Trevor's face before he nodded and relaxed. "Sorry. I thought..." He looked down and shuffled a little. "I'm just a bit stupid. I'll be okay." Even with saying that, he didn't pull his hands away. Instead, he turned them a little to intertwine their fingers, eyes flickering over them absently.

He might be biased, or just deluding himself, but he thought their hands fit well together, his tanned skin a nice contrast to Trevor's paler tone. And all of that made his thoughts turn toward wondering how well their bodies would fit together.

Most people would probably think he was a bit insane for thinking like that after nearly being raped, but since it was near and not actual, it didn't bother him as much. It was the beating and nearly getting killed that was making him so jumpy. He hated being hit.

Tora: From one thing to the next... "It's not your fault." He slide his hand away to ruffle his hair. He looked a bit sad; Andrew wouldn't tell him anything even though he obviously was rattled. "Go take a nap and you can eat something when you get up." He kissed the top of Andrew's head briefly and then retreated to the bathroom.

5 minutes it took to wash all the grime off and he came out with the same grubby t-shirt but looking cleaner definitely and with his hair tied to keep it off the back of his neck. He checked the couch to see if Andrew had heeded him and gone back to sleep.

Wing: Andrew stared after Trevor, eyes wide. He was internally panicking over why Trevor would have kissed him, however innocently, and wondering if there was more to the gesture than it appeared.

He didn't immediately listen to Trevor, gingerly making his way up the stairs to the room he had been given to pull the blanket off of the bed so he could use it on the couch. He paused while still in the room, looking at the mirror over the dresser as he stripped off his ruined shirt, tossing that and his jeans in the corner. He winced at his bruises and the scrapes over his body. No wonder Trevor had wanted to get away so quickly, valid excuse or not.

Turning away again, Andrew grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around himself, shuffling back down to the couch where he just sat, staring a bit blankly at the mantle.

Tora: "Are you ok with just soup?" Ruffling Andrew's hair in passing. So obviously he didn't fall asleep but staring out into space was probably close enough to that. He'd figured the other had to move at some point to get that blanket anyways.

Whatever Andrew replied with it's not like it would change because soup was basically the only food that he'd brought to the house.

Walking into the kitchen and getting out a pot and just a packet of store bought powder chicken noodle soup. Of course he bought the thing from the north so maybe it was high quality stuff or something. who knows.

Wing: Andrew suppressed his twitch at the unexpected touch, shoulders hunching a little in preparation for another blow. When it didn't come, he turned to watch Trevor, blinking. Right. He was safe here. No one was likely to hit him; not without really good reason at any rate.

Hauling himself to his feet, Andrew shuffled carefully over to where Trevor was moving around. He waited for the taller man to put the water-filled pot on the stove before stepping closer and reaching one hand out of the blanket to tangle it in the back of his shirt.

After a moment, he leaned his head against the healer's shoulder. It was easier to talk when he wasn't looking at Trevor. "You're not going to ask what happened?" he mumbled.

Tora: "...I'm not going to ask if you don't want to." the water would take a few minutes to boil but he stayed facing the stove since Andrew had taken to behind him. He glanced over his shoulder to see red hair leaning on him. "But I'd be very grateful if you did." he was honest; voice softening to its natural tone; the one not trying to hide behind his distant act.

Wing: Andrew's eyes flickered up to meet Trevor's and he studied the other for a few long seconds, his own bravado and mask gone. He finally nodded slowly and looked away again. "One of them was supposed to have... hired me. The other two jumped me when we got over there and decided that beating the crap out of me was more entertaining."

Tora: He sighed inwardly just a little. "Hire as in prostitution right?" He spun around and wrapped his arms around Andrew in a gentle hug; rubbing his back softly. "Andrew I told you this is your home now. You don't have to do that type of thing anymore." He didn't have to sell himself in an even worse way than Trevor; he could take care of them both. Kota and Andrew; they were both like lost puppies.

Wing: He bit his lip then nodded again. "Y-yeah." And this would be where he was shoved away and called disgusting. Or get entirely too much interest and be asked for a trail run.

He flinched and gasped when Trevor didn't do either and instead grabbed him. It took the redhead a moment to realize that he was being hugged and when he did, he relaxed into it, closing his eyes as he set his head on Trevor's shoulder and carefully hugged back. He may as well enjoy it while he could, right?

"Yeah, I do," he argued softly. "I've gotta be able to feed myself and get clothes and stuff. And... I gotta have something for when I get kicked out." Because that was just a matter of time.

Tora: He moved out of the hug and took Andrews face into his hands,tilting it up to make him look into his eyes. "There ore other ways to make money Andrew; and you're not going to be kicked out of anything. I said this is your home too which means you have control here." He sighed and rubbed circles over his cheeks, "I'm trying to take are of both of you ok? So let me." He cared about Andrew; just as much as he cared about Kota and Shade. They just were all too stubborn sometimes.

Wing: He wanted to believe Trevor. God, did he want to. But it was hard. Trevor hadn't been the first to offer him a home or say that he didn't have to sell himself anymore, that he'd never be kicked out, but none of them had actually meant it. Well, no, Halt had, but the tall man didn't exactly have the room and things were different now anyway.

He stared at Trevor, a bit surprised at how he was being touched. A light blush took over his cheeks because of how close they were and the intimate pose. It really wasn't fair for someone to be so attractive and kind and... unattainable. "Not any that'll pay a harbinger well," he muttered, trying to distract himself. "And yeah, I will. I always am."

Tora: "No one can kick you out except yourself. What's it gonna take to convince you otherwise?" Once Trevor starts to get close he tended to care too much, and maybe because Andrew just reminded him a lot of how he could've ended up. Seeing him wrapped up in bandages and barely hanging on a few hours ago didn't help the injured puppy theory.

The mood had to change quickly though because the pot was starting to bubble over. "Shit-!" Doing a complete 180, he flipped the heat down, muttering harshly at himself for forgetting and grabbing the soup packet to dump and stir in. Well.... it still had to cook for a while too. He cautiously turned to glance back at Andrew- hoping he wasn't reeling from the sudden motion.

Wing: Andrew watched Trevor, not wanting to comment that technically both Shade and Trevor could tell him to leave and not come back. And Shade had already told him that if he caused trouble or any pain for Trevor, she wouldn't hesitate. So, he wasn't sure that there was anything that the other man could say that the runner would believe right then. There was definitely one thing, but he sure as hell wasn't going to hear it and wasn't willing to voice it either.

He wasn't reeling after the quick action, but he had taken a step back and his eyes had widened again. The blanket had slipped off of one bruised shoulder so he looked down to fix it, wrapping it tightly around himself again.

Tora: Sighing for probably the millionth time in the last 6 hours he just dropped it. Andrew didn't look like he would be saying anything more. The peek of that singular bruise awashed him with a new guilt for pushing him when he was still hurt. "It's done." Turning off the burner, grabbing a bowl and pouring it carefully for Andrew.

"I'm sorry." Ruffling the redheads hair once more, as a mask for finally relieving the other from his wounds. Staggering, he headed back towards the living room. "I'm just going to sleep for a bit; if you really want to I guess you can leave." Not that he wanted him to but now there was no reason to force him to stay.

Wing: Andrew blinked when his pain vanished then swirled to glare at Trevor. "Don't do that!!" he snapped, more animated than he had been since waking. Ignoring the soup, he stalked after Trevor. "If you don't want me to use my body, then don't use yours! Not for me! I'm not fucking worth it!"

He huffed then helped Trevor to lay down and covered him with the blanket. "I'm going to eat then take a shower," he grumbled, walking back into the kitchen. He clearly didn't care that he was nearly naked.

Tora: "Well it's too late to take it back now." Sticking the tip of his tongue out even while he let Andrew help him walk. Seriously, he could be so inappropriately cheeky sometimes. But honestly he thought Andrew deserved it a thousand times more than any of his usual clients did.

He sputtered and turned red immediately after Andrew had slipped the blanket off; arms screaming when they immediately went to cover his eyes. "P-put some pants on!!" He figured Andrew had stripped off his shirt from that earlier slip but hadn't realized the other also took off his pants! Christ that means he'd hugged him too while the other had been practically naked... He could die right now.

Wing: "After my shower," was Andrew's somewhat absent response as Trevor's reaction sank in. Why the hell had he turned all red like that? And sticking his tongue out? That had just made it so tempting to kiss him and nip at the wet muscle. "You okay? You're still red."

Tora: "I'll be fine once you aren't parading around like that!!" Didn't the redhead have any shame!? He's probably overreacting- knows he is but it's a reflex and he's just oh so easily embarrassed and more's the pity because it could easily be taken the wrong way. His arms were hurting in that position and he ducked under the blanket so he could rest his arms while also doubling to hide his embarrassment and Andrew away from sight. It's only a blessing the realization that the blanket had been wrapped around the focus of Trevor's fluster for a solid half hour.

Wing: Andrew stared, a bit hurt at the reaction. He knew he was too thin from lack of food, but he didn't think he was that bad. Maybe he was just disgusting to Trevor?

Sighing softly, he pushed away the barely touched soup and stood. "Just get some rest," he said, then headed up the stairs to take his shower and dress. He made sure to put on his hoodie as well, making sure that he was covered, and went back down stairs about twenty minutes later.

Tora: He unburied his head when he heard the tone. He hadn't expected Andrew to sound... hurt. He didn't even know why; he would've expected the other to tease him or laugh.

Trevor remained awake until he heard the shower run. Andrew would find him soundly asleep where he left him; completely vulnerable and oblivious to the world. "-ndrew..." just mumbling the name once in his sleep. It wasn't super odd if you thought about it considering he had been worried about the redhead up to the point he fell asleep.

Wing: Andrew had walked over with a pillow to help situate Trevor more comfortable, but he froze when he heard that. Why the hell was he saying his name? Had he accidentally woken the healer? No, he was still dead to the world.

The redhead settled back on his heels, just watching Trevor sleep for a little before he leaned forward to brush his lips over Trevor's forehead and whisper, "Thanks." Pulling away again and standing to clean up the soup, he paused, debating with himself. He wasn't likely to get another chance like this and that was what decided him.

Carefully leaning down again, he hesitated, waiting with held breath to see if Trevor was going to wake. When he didn't, Andrew eased his lips over Trevor's, kissing him gently.

Tora: Few things wake Trevor up from sleep and fortunately or unfortunately for Andrew, a few light kisses weren't in that list. The moment Andrew backed up to leave though, Trevor conveniently rolled in his sleep, catching the end of Andrews shirt in his grip. no indication that Trevor had even woken up in the slightest the muscles relaxed and his hand fell back down to hanging off the side of the couch.

Wing: That still just about gave the redhead a heart attack and sent him scurrying into the kitchen in case Trevor woke. He used the time it took to clean up to not only calm down again, but also mentally kick himself and wonder what the hell he had been thinking.

Plucking up his courage again, Andrew edged into the living room again and peered over the back of the couch to look at Trevor.

Seeing that the other was still asleep, he relaxed again and reached out to lift Trevor's arm onto the couch again. Realizing that he was about to start staring, Andrew turned and grabbed his bag. Letting out a sound of triumph, he pulled out a small sketch pad and the pencils his cousin had given him for Christmas.

Andrew then spent the next hour, sketching Trevor. One was just the man as he was, another had him in a prince's outfit and laying on his back with the caption of "Sleeping Beauty", while a third was his head and shoulders, hair tied back like after a shower.

It was about then that the fatigue from his earlier beating caught up with him again and he slipped his stuff away before padding over to the couch and curling up on it next to Trevor, his back to the healer's chest. Three minutes later and he was asleep as well.

Tora: It was hours before Trevor blearily opened his eyes. It took a few moments before he registered that he was sore as hell and why and then another to wonder why his vision was filled with red hair and smelled like shampoo. Even weirder was that his arm was curled around Andrew's waist as well.

Oh. Well it was obvious the redhead must've curled up with him some point after the shower (not sure why though considering there was the bed upstairs and two other chairs available). The problem lay in the fact he couldn't move right now. maybe there was some complicated way of sneaking out but with the injuries that was definitely out.

Oh well, the other was finally sleeping and he didn't want to disturb the boy. Trevor absently ran his hands through that messy red. Andrew probably hadn't bothered to brush it after the shower and sleep had somewhat mussed it; it's not like there was anything else to do besides lay there awkwardly anyways.

Wing: Andrew stirred a little, letting out a soft sound that sounded suspiciously like a purr. He rolled toward Trevor and buried his face against the other's chest, tossing one of his legs over the healer's as one of his arms snaked around his torso.

Tora: He froze completely while Andrew stirred, rolled, and ultimately ended up in a much more intimate position than before. It brought heat to Trevor's face and a complete cluelessness to the situation. If he was just on the other side of Andrew he could just roll away from him but there was only firm couch behind him. Now was the moment to panic; sure Andrew looked as if he was in heaven but what was Trev supposed to do about this. He couldn't wake him, and admittedly he was kinda cute all asleep but the only thing he could think of was just freeze and be awkward until the redhead either moved or woke up.

Wing: Luckily for Trevor, Andrew woke a short while after. He blinked a few times, wondering who he was half-using as a pillow because he didn't recognize the shirt.

"Trevor?" he murmured, confused and still not fully awake.

Tora: "H-hey Andrew..." 'Good morning' wasn't an option since he had no clue what time it was. "U-um... Sorry but could you move a little please?" His face a bit pink because they were still really close but now Andrew was sort of awake and his face was all too close to Trevor's right now.

Wing: Andrew blinked slowly. Yes, that was indeed Trevor in front of him. He had thought he was awake, but he must be if they were laying like this together.

Oh, wait, he had wanted Andrew to move. "Okay," he mumbled, squirming around to sit up. He paused and leaned down to kiss Trevor's cheek then snagged the blanket and curled up at the other end of the couch. "Lemme know if you need any help."

Tora: He was less far as in progress of sitting up but froze when that pressure touched his cheek for a second. A hand flew to the spot and he stared after Andrew with his mouth slightly agape and red as well. "W-what was that for?" It just caught him by surprise was all... Really...

Wing: Andrew cracked an eye open. "What was what for?"

Tora: "Y-you k-k-kis-" He can't even say it. the mental stress to his brain even after the nap was too much. Maybe under normal circumstances he could deal but the exhaustion of healing and being so intimately close by accident to the redhead was taking its toll.

Wing: Trevor's stammering woke Andrew up more and he sat up. "Are you okay?" he asked.

And then he realized that he hadn't been dreaming and blushed softly. "Sorry. I wasn't fully awake. Thought I was dreaming," he muttered shyly.

Tora: He didn't hear most of Andrew's muttering thankfully, or else Trevor might've found out Andrew's secret a little too soon. "I-it's fine..." He turned his head awkwardly to stare out a window. It was definitely dark out, which made things a bit awkward because dark meant sleep usually and they'd been doing that for the past few hours. "Er... Do you feel any better?" Stupid question considering he was the one hurt currently.

Wing: Andrew snorted. "Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" he returned, raising an eyebrow. He wasn't going to share how he was kicking himself for that slip up.

Tora: He wilted under the most obvious retort in existence. "Ok, ok... Was the soup ok at least?"

Wing: He nodded. "Yeah. Thanks. There's some left over. Want it? Or would you like something else?"

Tora: "I-I'm fine." Not really. He hadn't eaten anything today but eating seemed like it would be more painful than it was worth. He could feel a few cuts in his mouth and that would sting like hell he knew.

Wing: Andrew huffed and pushed to his feet. "No you're not." He walked over to drape the blanket over Trevor's lap before continuing into the kitchen and looking around for what he could make that wouldn't aggravate the pain that he knew Trevor was in as far as his teeth and gums were concerned.

Tora: "I said I'm fine!" To prove it he forced himself off the couch and followed the redhead into the kitchen in pantomime from earlier, with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders as well.

He saw the bowl of soup he had prepared for Andrew earlier sitting there. Almost just as full and ice cold now he narrowed his eyes. "Andrew... You didn't actually eat did you?"

Wing: "I ate a little," he said, turning to face Trevor and set his hands on his hips. "Go sit down again."

Tora: "Not until you finish what you left," he said, picking up the bowl with every intention to microwave it and force-feed Andrew if he had to.

Wing: Andrew took the bowl and set it down again. "If you sit down, I'll make you something and reheat this and come over and eat with you. Sound fair?"

Tora: He puffed one cheek, ready to argue one last time and then huffed. "Fine. but I'll refuse to eat if you do."

Wing: "I'll eat." He gently took hold of Trevor's shoulders and turned him and nudged him toward the couch. "Now go sit. I know that your knee is bothering you."

Tora: He shuffled his way back to the couch with the new experience of how his power apparently also gave the other end too much knowledge when he didn't want to show it. He sat with his knees drawn up under his chin and watched Andrew from the kitchen silently to make sure he fulfilled his promise.

Wing: Andrew popped his bowl into the microwave and started then moved over to make another pack for Trevor. "Dude, this stuff isn't food." And that was a bit rich coming from the guy who sometimes didn't eat for three days.

When both were heated through, Andrew carried them over and set them on the coffee table before going back to get glasses of water for each of them. The last thing he did before plonking down next to Trevor was grab the TV remote. "Do you have any idea what's on right now?" he asked curiously.

Tora: "I know but it was the only thing I bought yet." No one really came to the house as of yet so he saw no need to buy a substantial amount of food. but if Andrew stayed...

He cradled his bowl over his lap and cautiously took a sip to only wince and nearly spit it out. Yup he was right. Stung like hell. Didn't help it was also burning not as well. "I haven't watched TV in over a decade don't ask me." Tears were sprouting in the corners of his eyes from pain.

Wing: Andrew looked over and set his bowl down then took Trevor's to set aside. "Are you okay?" he asked, concerned over the tears.

Tora: "Fine. just tried it too soon..." This is why he didn't want to eat. He was probably skinnier than Andrew in that respect.

Wing: He snorted. "It did just come off of the stove," he pointed out then got up and moved over to the freezer, checking for ice. "Yes!" he said triumphantly when he saw that there was some. Grabbing a couple of the cubes, he walked back over and dropped them in Trevor's soup. "That'll help."

Tora: "Thanks..." He stirred the ice cubes around until they were mostly melted and tried again. it was definitely cooler but still stung. It took effort to not let it show on his face. He side-glanced Andrew, "Do you need anything?"

Wing: He shook his head. "Nah, I'm good," he answered, finally starting on his own soup. "The salt in it sucks, yeah, but like you meant, it'll have to do for the time being. I can run and get some actual food in the morning, if you've got some credits for it?"

Tora: He shrugged slightly, "I guess... but prepackaged stuff just doesn't sit well so can you just get basic cooking ingredients?" There was basic cookware and some spices he found but generally not much else. He could improv mostly, it might be nice for a change. He had to cook all the time when he was younger. It was weirdly nostalgic.

Wing: Andrew nodded. Prepackaged stuff was always more expensive anyway. "Sure. That's not a problem. Anything that I have to get or anything I should avoid?"

Tora: "Unless you're allergic to anything I don't think so." He reached and took a beaten old wallet out of his pocket and held it out to the other. "I literally only use the money for food so buy as much as you think would be good." There was around 200 credits since he always carried almost everything he had with him. The beaten piece of leather was empty except for the money and a equally old photo tucked into one of the card sleeves.

Wing: He shook his head. "Nope, no allergies," he answered absently. His curiosity got the better of him and he tugged the picture out to look at it. As many times as he's gotten in trouble for doing that, he still hadn't learned not to.

Tora: "Hey! T-that's..." Reaching out weakly; it was a shaky photo from a cheap camera or something; captured was a 16 yr old boy with a white mohawk holding a much younger looking messy black haired kid in a headlock. Trevor really hadn't been happy about the picture but Caden had forced it on the other. Trevor probably looked a lot different since he hadn't bleached his hair back then nor gotten his lip scar yet. He snatched the picture and shoved it into his back pocket, mouth pursed and clearly not going to talk about it.

Wing: "Sorry," Andrew said, hunching in on himself. Regardless of how he was the healthier of them right now, he still expected to get hit for that. And he would deserve it so he didn't even try to move.

Tora: "Andr- I'm not going to hurt you or anything for looking at it." He huffed and ran a hand through his hair. Guess he should've known better... "Just.. don't tell anyone I have that ok?" He knew it wasn't possible but he still had the impression Caden had ears everywhere and he did not want the man finding out he still had that.

Wing: He nodded quickly. "Sure. That's not a problem." For all he knew the teen in the photo was dead so he sure as well wasn't going to go around talking about it.

Leaning forward, he set his empty bowl on the table. "You need to finish eating."

Tora: "Oh." He picked up his bowl again, bearing through the salt and focused completely on trying to eat it.

Wing: Andrew leaned back, not really paying attention to the show on the TV and instead watching Trevor from the corner of his eye and smiling lightly. The look on his face was adorable and, if the redhead wasn't careful, was going to make him want to kiss the healer. Again.

Tora: He finished it without complaint and relief washed over him because he wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. He leaned back against the couch, tired again somehow.

Wing: "Why don't you stretch out and get some more sleep?" Andrew suggested, getting up to put the bowls in the sink. "I know injuries always drain me."

Tora: "...You sure?" He didn't know how long Andrew would be up. Also he was worried that if he went to sleep Andrew wouldn't be there in the morning.

Wing: He nodded. "Yeah. Go ahead." He flashed a smile over. "I'm not going anywhere, don't worry."

Tora: He blushed with the indignation. "I'm going to sleep upstairs..." Grumbling it while he moved up and towards the stairs.

Wing: Andrew blinked. "Why?" he asked, wondering if he had done something wrong again.

Tora: "Because it's late and beds are meant for sleeping." The couch had just been impromptu napping; he would've thought that obvious.

Wing: "That's not all they're meant for," he said without thinking about it.

Tora: He paused halfway up the steps. "I guess you jump on them if you're 5."

Wing: Andrew blinked then laughed. "Not what I meant, but sure, that works too." He waved his hand a bit. "Sleep well." Now hopefully he wouldn't end up freaking himself out and needing to crawl into Trevor's bed for comfort. He was pretty sure that Trevor wouldn't brush that off as well.

Tora: Confused he just shrugged and continued upwards. Now usually he felt really uncomfortable not wearing clothes to sleep but a house had things like heating and his t-shirt was actually pretty dirty. He just had to pray that Andrew wouldn't check on him and see the scars and other markings on his torso when he laid down and fell asleep withing the next 5 minutes.

Wing: Andrew finished cleaning up and turned everything off before making sure all of the doors were locked. He snagged his blanket on his way up, pausing long enough to check that Trevor was sleeping soundly. The sight of the bruises he had taken from the redhead made his eyes darken a bit before Andrew lightly closed the door and went to his own bed, curling up in a tight ball under his blanket after he had stripped to his boxers again.

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Re: Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Fri May 03, 2013 8:34 pm


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Re: Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Tora on Fri May 03, 2013 9:53 pm

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Re: Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Shade on Sat May 04, 2013 11:13 am

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Re: Risky Behavior -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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