IM Roleplay Requirements and Guidelines

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IM Roleplay Requirements and Guidelines

Post by The Bulletin on Wed May 08, 2013 2:55 am

In order to receive rep for your canon IM RPs, you must post the entire log under a spoiler (multiple posts are fine), and then make sure all participants reply to the thread.

Rep can be granted one of two ways:
    1) 5 rep will be awarded to each participant for every 1000*participant words (so three participants would gain 5 rep per 3000 words), up to a maximum of 20 rep.
    2) Participants can list their exact word count in their participation post and gain 5 rep for every 1000 words, up to a maximum of 20 rep.

If the second option is chosen by only one participant in an rp that has more than two, their word total will be subtracted and the others will gain rep as in the first option minus one participant.

The title of the thread should include {18+} if it is such. It should also be marked if it is canon or au; if it is not marked, then no rep will be granted.

If you have any questions, post them here.

  • AUs don't need to be marked as participated.
  • Bounties and Missions must have a minimum of 2000 words per participant to be valid toward ranking up.
  • Bounties, Missions, and Arena fights must all be marked as such in the title.

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