Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

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Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Wed May 15, 2013 7:06 pm

Wing: Andrew was sitting on the stool down in the shop, bare feet curled underneath him, as he waited for Marjorie to arrive. Halt had said something about needing to get more food for the herd before leaving with an admonishment to call him if anything happened. So now the redhead was on his own and attempting to distract himself by balancing Halt's ledgers, though he seemed to be doodling off to the side more than he was actually doing the math.

Ella: Marjorie finally arrived, lugging her bag. She hadn't gotten used to the idea of having a room of her own yet where people won't steal stuff. "Andrew Michael Cole, what the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded, dropping her bag down and walking up to him to grab his shirt.

Wing: He blinked, dropping his pencil in surprise. At least the bruises were fading so he didn't look as bad as he had a couple of days ago. "What?"

Ella: "Fuck you! I wanted to have sex with you - I needed it - so there's no fucking reason for you to mope around because of it." She pushed him to the floor and plopped down on his chest, still angry. "Nevermind forcing Halt to hit you."

Wing: He yelped as she forced him down and oofed as she sat on him. "How much did he tell you?" he asked, eyes wide.

Ella: "That he had beaten you black and blue because you kept insulting the doc," she said, eyes narrowed.

Wing: He nodded slowly, putting his hands up as if that would placate her. "I don't believe any of it," he reassured. "...That all he said or is there more?"

Ella: "Was there more?" she demanded, frowning and moving until her knees were pinning his legs down, her hands on his wrists. "Don't you dare lie to me Andrew."

Wing: "In general, yeah. Did he tell you about Ceara? Or that I've got another place to stay at?" He didn't fight her, though he could just imagine what Halt would say if he came back to this.

Ella: She dug his nails into his skin. "Don't distract me. I'm pissed."

Wing: He winced. "I'm not trying to. I'm serious. There was a bunch of stuff that I told Halt about that I'm going to tell you, but I don't know what all he told you."

Ella: "I'm focused on the guilt trip over me right now Andrew."

Wing: "I didn't... I wasn't even going to tell you so don't. There isn't one. I've just... I've been bad off, okay? And I manage to cope, even if they're not exactly the healthiest ways to do so." He swallowed lightly and met her eyes. "I didn't ever mean to make you feel bad so please, don't. And I'm sorry if I have." He gave her a small smile. "I'm actually really happy that you trusted me enough for that. It just took me a while to get my head out of my ass to see that."

Ella: She glared at him. "I told you that I wanted it afterwards. You didn't rape me. At all. I fucking wanted it." She released him, laying on top instead.

Wing: He hesitated then wrapped his arms around her. "When we did, yeah, but before, when I started crying, that's what shook me. And then for you to still have faith in me not to hurt you after that... I can honestly say that no one has ever shown that for me. Halt's got faith in me, sure, but it's different because let's face it, if he didn't want me to do something to him, there's no way I'm going to be able to do it."

Ella: "You saying I'm weak, you jackass?" she asked softly, curling up a bit under his arms.

Wing: He snorted. "Hell no. If you were, you wouldn't be here, at all. And I don't mean in the store." He kissed her forehead. "I just meant that when it comes to straight up strength of arms, I've got you beat." He grinned at her then continued speaking before she could protest. "Which reminds me, I should show you some of the stuff that I've picked up that Halt doesn't know about."

Ella: She punched at him without any force, closing her eyes again. "You're a jerk," she said softly. "I hate you sometimes."

Wing: His hands tightened momentarily as his humor faded. Hearing her voice echo some of his thoughts got to him a bit but he was going to avoid showing it if he could. Sighing softly, he let his head drop back. "Yeah. I hate me too."

Ella: She shot up and stared at him. "Not like that you freaking idiot. I hate that part of you that hurts yourself so much."

Wing: He blinked and looked at her, a bit surprised. "Well, yeah, I hate that part too. Sometimes it seems like that's all I am though."

Ella: She growled and stared at him for a moment before kissing him.

Wing: His eyes widened and he jerked back in surprise, putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her up again. "What was that for?!"

Ella: "Make you shut up." She sighed and wiped her lips. "Riley tastes better than you. Did you eat a fish or something?"

Wing: "I was chewing on my nails." He sat up, careful not to dump her to the side or anything. "Halt hates fish anyway. Never has any here."

Ella: "Ew! That's a gross habit!" She jumped up, grabbing a vial of clear nail polish. "Hands."

Wing: He shook his head, getting to his feet. "I only did it cause I had a hang nail. It's gone so I'm done." He looked at the bottle. "And you're not putting that on me."

Ella: "Oh yes I am." She pushed him back down, straddling his waist and grabbing one hand to start applying the bitter nail polish.

Wing: He yanked his hands away and rolled over, tucking them under his body. "I am not wearing nail polish."

Ella: "It's bitter junk that keeps you from biting." She watched for a moment. "I'll sit on your face."

Wing: "I don't normally do that so there's no point. And if you sit on me, I'll bite you."

Ella: "You'll bite between my legs?" she asked, flushing.

Wing: "Anything for survival," he quipped. "Besides, if you sit on my face, you'll hit my black eye."

Ella: "How about I lick your eye?" she asked with a grin.

Wing: "I'll think you have an oral fixation like Halt does," he said, grinning back.

Ella: She pouted at him and rolled off him, painting her own nails instead.

Wing: He sat up and leaned forward to watch, setting his chin on her shoulder. "Have you tried to paint Riley's nails?"

Ella: "Yes. He didn't like it and made me take it off later." She set down the bitter polish and found some poisonous green.

Wing: "We should tie Halt down so you can paint his nails," he said, looking through her polish colors.

Ella: "Nothing would look good with his freckled butt," she commented, working on her toes.

Wing: "When did you see his butt?" he asked, picking out an orange color before going back to watching her.

Ella: "Never. It's a saying. What're you doing with my orange?" She looked back at him.

Wing: "Nothing. I'm just waiting for you to finish." Realizing that the store probably looked empty, he climbed onto the stool again but was still watching her. "I'm okay with paintbrushes, but I don't get how girls can do those really tiny and detailed things on their nails."

Ella: "I can't. Solid colors all the way." She finished her toes and started her fingers.

Wing: He nodded. "Do mine when you're done?" he asked, holding up the orange.

Ella: "Really?" She looked up in surprise.

Wing: Andrew nodded again. "Just the orange, not the clear." He smiled at her. "I figure that if Riley can, then I may as well, right?"

Ella: She gave him a weird look. "Okay. But mine gotta dry first."

Wing: "Okay. What color for Halt do you think?" he asked, wanting to avoid talking about the other stuff just yet.

Ella: "Purple." She finished and started blowing on her nails.

Wing: He snorted. "I'll have to make sure that he wears purple whenever he can get a date with the doc."

Ella: She laughed and kept blowing on her nails softly.

Wing: "So, how are things with you and Riley?"

Ella: "Okay." She went quiet, focusing on her nails.

Wing: Andrew frowned softly, tilting his head. "Marjorie, what's wrong?"

Ella: "Nothing!" she snapped, going tight lipped.

Wing: He flinched a little, quieting for a few moments. Shaking his head, he slid down to sit next to her. "Bullshit. Tell me what's bothering you."

Ella: She stood and frowned at him a moment. "I really do not want to talk about it."

Wing: "That's never stopped you from making me talk about stuff." He stood as well. "Come on Kerm, I want to help."

Ella: She grabbed her orange nail polish from him and stuffed it in her bag, going to leave.

Wing: He stared. "Marjorie?" Was she really going to go? Was she going to do like Ceara? He couldn't go through that again, not so soon. "Marjorie, wait, please. Don't go. Don't... Not you too, please. I'll drop it. Just... please," he said softly, lifting a hand a little before dropping it again.

Ella: She paused and relaxed a bit. "You promise you aren't going to ask me again?"

Wing: "Yeah. I'll be here to talk if you want, but I won't bring it up again." He looked down, squeezing his eyes shut. "Just please, don't leave me too. I can't..."

Ella: "Fine." She dropped her bag and walked over to give him a hug. "I just don't want to talk about it."

Wing: He wrapped his arms around her, clinging tightly as he put his head on her shoulder. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Ella: She stood on tiptoes for a moment, closing her eyes. "It's okay Andrew. Just... when I ask you to stop, please stop."

Wing: "I just wanted to help."

Ella: "I don't care. I asked you to stop."

Wing: He winced and let his hands drop. "Are you going to call me stupid too?"

Ella: "No. Don't got to." She smiled at him. "Cause I know I'm stupid and you're big me, remember?"

Wing: He didn't smile back. "You're not stupid. Smarter than I am at any rate."

Ella: "What do you mean?" She tugged him back to the floor, grabbing the orange nail polish. "Talk to me."

Wing: He swallowed softly and offered his hands for her, taking the time to gather his thoughts. "I told Ceara about my ex. And then I saw that she had bruises and bite marks and a bunch of credits but wouldn't talk to me about it. I told her that I just wanted to help but... She said something about how she could take care of herself and wasn't stupid enough to stay in a situation where she'd be hurt and... just a bunch of stuff like that. I haven't talked with her since."

Ella: She nodded a bit, painting carefully. "Maybe she's doing the fighting ring," she said absentmindedly. "Though I don't think you're allowed to use teeth..."

Wing: "Fighting ring?" he echoed with a soft frown. "You mean the Arenas? Why the hell wouldn't she tell me about that though?"

Ella: "I dunno. I'm not her." She focused more. "I tried to do it but no one wanted to fight me."

Wing: "People get hurt badly in those. Why the heck would you want to do that?"

Ella: "Money." She finished one hand and set it down. "Don't smear."

Wing: He shifted a little. "Well, I'm glad you didn't get into it," he said softly.

Ella: "Yet." She started on his second hand. "Halt was talking about doing it too."

Wing: Andrew stared. "Why the hell is this the first I'm hearing about it from any of you?!"

Ella: "Uh, because it's not that big of a deal?" she tried.

Wing: "It is to me!" His shoulders slumped a little and he looked down. "God, do you know how badly you could get hurt?"

Ella: "Yeah. But I'd be able to win against non-harbingers I think. I'm fast. And Halt is a brick wall, you know that."

Wing: "There are some really skilled normal people, Kerm. Halt's one of them. And they don't care if you're fighting someone at your level." He looked up at her. "Please, don't."

Ella: She looked up at him, pouting.

Wing: His expression showed how concerned he was. "They frown on deaths, sure, but they don't care if you're crippled because of the fight. And if you don't have the entry fee and lose? Then you'll owe them a favor. I've seen it, it's not good."

Ella: "What is the favor?" she asked softly.

Wing: "That'll vary. But some of it's bad." He sighed softly. "There was a guy I knew, like three years ago, who got into that situation. I don't know what he was supposed to do, but I do know that he vanished. Some of those things are worse than gang missions. And you don't have any back-up for them either."

Ella: "I can handle myself. I've got the entry fee." She went back to his nails.

Wing: He watched her for a little then looked away. He had warned her and wasn't going to push it for fear of her walking out. Especially with her echoing Ceara's words.

Sighing softly, he changed the subject. "So, that extra place I can stay at, it's here in North."

Ella: "It is? Who is it?" She finished his second hand and grinned.

Wing: "Trevor offered me and another guy, a blond around your age, a room each at the house his friend is making him stay at."

Ella: "Aw that's sweet of him." She grinned brightly, turning to snuggle against him.

Wing: He nodded slowly, setting his chin on top of her head and keeping his hands held out so the polish didn't get messed up. "He's kind of firmly off the market right now though."

Ella: "Why do you say that?"

Wing: "Bad break up or something. I suppose the guy might have died. I dunno. I just know that Trevor's real upset over it."

Ella: She went quiet and snuggled against him more. "I wish I was off the market."

Wing: He kissed the top of her head. "I'm sure Riley's working up the guts to take you off."

Ella: "Shut up."

Wing: He blinked and nodded. "Sorry," he muttered, looking aside. He'd love to go just one conversation with someone without fucking up.

Ella: She curled up to him, closing her eyes. "Sorry."

Wing: "It's okay," he said softly. It was his fault after all - everything was. "Don't get to comfortable here. We've got to close up the shop."

Ella: "Too late." She curled up more, sighing softly.

Wing: He huffed softly, but left her, shifting a little so his back was more comfortable. Hopefully she wouldn't sleep long or Halt would get back soon to move her. And no one would come into the shop.

Ella: The door rang as someone entered. "Andrew?" It was Halt.

Wing: "Behind the counter," he called back, trying not to be too loud. He tilted his head to look at where he thought the man would appear.

Ella: Halt appeared and saw Marjorie. He grinned a bit. "Mini me get tired?"

Wing: "Apparently," he said softly, looking down again.

Ella: He laughed and knelt to scoop the girl up. "And you let her paint your nails?"

Wing: "Yeah. Figured why not? At least they're my favorite color." He stood then gingerly touched his thumb nail with the the tip of his index, seeing if it was dry enough for him to lock up and grab her bag. Deciding that it was well enough, he did that and followed Halt up the stairs.

Ella: He set the girl in the big bed, covering her up. "So why is she here?" he asked, turning and giving Andrew a hug.

Wing: "Because you called her," was the answer as he leaned against his friend, closing his eyes and taking what comfort he could from the embrace.

Ella: "Oh. So she came after you." He stroked Andrew's hair gently.

Wing: Andrew pulled away a bit to lead Halt out to the living room, closing the door to the bedroom when they had both passed it. "Came after me is mild. She pinned me to the floor."

Ella: His eyebrows raised. Yes, his mind went to the wrong place.

Wing: "No, we didn't have sex in the shop. She was yelling at me."

Ella: "I'm sorry. I thought she should know."

Wing: He shrugged. "It's fine, I guess. I wasn't feeling that way anymore and I told her that." He waved a hand like it didn't matter. "But that's not it. Something's going on with Riley and she doesn't want to talk about it. I told her I wanted to help and she started to leave. I told her about Ceara. That's when she brought up the Arenas." He looked at Halt. "Why didn't you tell me that you were thinking about fighting in them?"

Ella: "Because I didn't think it was important. I'm capable of holding my own." He kissed Andrew's nose lightly.

Wing: "How is you fighting somewhere that could kill you not important?!" he demanded, looking up at the man.

Ella: "Because I won't die. I'll be fine sweetheart." He grinned, picking Andrew up.

Wing: Andrew struggled to be put down. "That's not the point!"

Ella: He gripped Andrew more tightly. "Then what is sweetheart?"

Wing: He grunted softly then gave up, letting himself go limp. "Am I really so much trouble, so weak, that everyone thinks that they can't talk to me?"

Ella: "I didn't want you to worry," he said honestly, setting Andrew on the counter. "You're not weak."

Wing: He snorted, looking down. "So, what, everyone gets to worry about me but I can't about them? Is everyone afraid that I'll have a breakdown or something? Because that sounds like thinking I'm weak."

Ella: "Fine, I won't hide anything from you. I haven't fought yet anyway." He leaned forward and kissed Andrew, hard, biting at his lips to make him hush.

Wing: Andrew let him but didn't kiss back, didn't even close his eyes. He just sat there.

Ella: Halt pulled back, staring at him for a moment. "Fuck, I give up." He walked away, scrubbing at his face, tired.

Wing: He lowered his head, burying his fingers in his hair. "Halt?" he called softly. "Why doesn't anyone ever trust me?" And now not wanting to kiss because he was upset was his fault too? What happened to their friendship being more than that? All that he wanted was a bit of reassurance.

Andrew lowered his head further, slipping off the counter to huddle on the floor in a tight ball. "I'm sorry," he whispered, hating himself for being so insecure. No wonder people thought he was weak. He was. "I'm sorry. Don't leave me too."

Ella: He stopped and sighed. "I was going to tell you if I ever decided to enter. I just hadn't decided yet." He turned slowly, picking Andrew off the floor and carrying him to the sofa. "What's going on Drew?"

Wing: Andrew wrapped his arms around Halt's neck. "First Ceara then Marjorie wanted to leave and you walked away and I haven't been able to get in touch with Aiden and... I don't want to be alone," he whispered, clinging. "But it feels like everyone's leaving me. And I just can't keep up." He let out a breath. "And you said that we didn't have to have sex every time we saw each other, and we don't, but the one time I don't kiss back, you walk away." He lifted his head then shifted so he was straddling Halt's lap. "I'm sorry," he said softly then leaned forward to kiss him. If he gave him what he wanted, then he wouldn't go, right?

Ella: He pulled away, pressing a finger against Andrew's lips softly. "No, I'm sorry. I've gotten used to you reciprocating so I was shocked and a bit upset so I was going to clear my head. You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to." He smiled and hugged the redhead. "I swore I'd never leave you, remember?"

Wing: Andrew blinked a couple times then wrapped his arms around Halt tightly. "Promise?"

Ella: "Promise," he whispered, nuzzling him. "Just like we're not all about sex, okay?"

Wing: He nodded, swallowing softly. "I'm sorry that I've been so pathetic recently."

Ella: "It's all right." He hugged Andrew more tightly. "You can lean on me," he added, going to lie down with the redhead.

Wing: "I hate that I've been like this," he said, latching one hand in Halt's shirt. "I just... I hate that falling in love has turned me into this. I'm... god, I hate myself."

Ella: "Shh, no hating yourself sweetheart." He rubbed Andrew's back lightly. "You're just insecure."

Wing: He huffed. "Is that why no one wants to talk to me about things or rely on me? Because they're afraid that I'm suddenly going to start freaking out or break down?"

Ella: "Yes," he said simply.

Wing: Andrew blinked again, startled and hurt. "Oh."

Ella: "Because we love you," he added softly.

Wing: Andrew didn't answer for a long while, and when he did, he tried to pull away as well. "Treating me like I'm made of glass isn't going to help either." He had known he was a burden, he just hadn't realized how much of one he was. He needed to be stronger and if that meant hiding what he was feeling, then so be it.

Ella: Halt clung to him. "Who else am I going to treat like a prince?" he asked.

Wing: "I don't want to be, just a weight to carry. I want to be someone that you guys can trust. But that's never going to happen if I'm not given the chance to." He relaxed against Halt. "Trust is a two way street. If none of you are willing to trust me, then how do I know I can trust you?"

Ella: He shifted and pressed Andrew against the back of the couch, closing his eyes. "I do trust you Andrew. I just fucking said if I had decided to go fight, I would've told you."

Wing: Andrew shook his head. Didn't Halt get it? "But you talked to Marjorie about it before me. I heard about it from her." He lifted his head. "You know how I am. How afraid I am of being abandoned. Or replaced. And everyone's always saying how alike Marjorie and I are."

Ella: He laughed. "She didn't tell you why she found out?" he asked, nuzzling Andrew softly.

Wing: "She said she was thinking about it," he answered, a bit confused about the apparent segue.

Ella: "She came and asked me what the Arena was. I told her what I knew as well as the fact I was considering it is all. I could never replace you."

Wing: He relaxed some as his fears were eased. "That's all?" That was how Marjorie knew?

Ella: "That's it sweetheart." He smiled a bit. "She can't replace our friendship."

Wing: Andrew relaxed more then buried his face in Halt's chest. "I'm sorry."

Ella: "Don't be. You're allowed to be insecure."

Wing: Andrew sighed softly. "But even I think it's getting ridiculous. I just can't seem to do anything about it most of the time."

Ella: "You made me beat you," he pointed out gently.

Wing: "That was a guilt thing, not an insecurity thing. And it was stupid and I shouldn't have and I'm so sorry that I made you do that."

Ella: "I think your guilt and insecurity are linked," he said gently.

Wing: That made him pause and look at Halt. "What d'you mean?"

Ella: "Like, when you're feeling guilty you start getting like this. So it seems like they're linked in my head."

Wing: Andrew tilted his head. "Depressed?"

Ella: "Yeah. And insecure." He burrowed against Andrew. "I wish I could make you happy."

Wing: "You do. You make me smile and laugh and want to keep trying." He put his head on Halt's shoulder. "I just can't seem to stay that way. And that's not your fault. It's me. Maybe it's part of my restitution. All the dizziness knocked something loose."

Ella: He frowned and stroked Andrew's hair softly. "I wish I could knock it back into place." He kissed Andrew lightly, pulling away before he could reciprocate.

Wing: The runner gave a somewhat sad smile. "I wish so too," he agreed, gently kissing the corner of Halt's mouth. "Thank you for being my sense for so long, Klaus."

Ella: "I'll always be your sense." He smiled and curled around the smaller man. "Now just chill okay? We'll get things sorted eventually."

Wing: Andrew nodded. "You're not going to be comfortable here for long," he pointed out.

Ella: "Don't care. You're important."

Wing: He smiled. "So are you. You'll be grumpy if you sleep there and get your back all kinked. Lets go to the bed. Marjorie'll be fine."

Ella: He sighed and stood, carrying Andrew in over his shoulder. He laid the teen down gently, crawling in with him.

Wing: Andrew smiled a bit wider and plastered himself to Halt's side, wrapping his arms around him. "Thanks," he said softly. "Love you."

Ella: "Love you too." He smiled, stroking the teen's hair.

Wing: "Hey, Halt?"

Ella: "Yeah?"

Wing: "Let me know if I start getting like this again. I don't like it. And I want to be someone you guys can rely on." He kept his voice low in deference to Marjorie.

Ella: He nodded and tilted Andrew's chin back to meet his eyes. "I will. Hey sweetie, you are really loved, okay?"

Wing: Looking at him for a little, Andrew started to smile, slow at first but then brightening. "I know. I just forget sometimes."

Ella: He smiled and nuzzled him lightly. "You're silly that way."

Wing: He nuzzled back, finally starting to feel more secure in his place with people. "Can you promise me something though?"

Ella: "Sure sweetheart."

Wing: "Don't hide stuff from me anymore. Even if you think it'll upset me. I'm not going to get better if I'm not given the chance to."

Ella: "I wasn't fucking hiding it."

Wing: Andrew twitched but pressed on. "I wasn't talking about that. You said that yes, you guys don't share stuff with me because you're afraid it'll make me freak out or break down or something. That's what I meant." He sighed, setting his head on Halt's shoulder. "I just want to be trusted again, if I ever was."

Ella: He sighed. "I'll try." He stroked Andrew's hair gently, rolling so Andrew was between him and Marjorie.

Wing: "Thank you," he said softly, curling close to Halt and reaching a hand out to gently grab one of Marjorie's.

Ella: Marjorie let out a soft noise, curling up to him from behind.

Wing: "Good night," he whispered, ignoring that it was only dusk out.

Ella: "Good night." He laughed softly, wrapping his arms over them both.

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Re: Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Wed May 15, 2013 7:07 pm


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Re: Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

Post by Halt on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:52 am

Was I minor or was I major? I'll go with...mijor participation.
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Re: Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

Post by EllaKey on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:53 am

I'm sorta disgusted with how much fun I have with Halt on this site.

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Re: Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

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Rep granted.

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Re: Having Words -- Andrew, Halt, Marjorie ((canon))

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