Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Tue May 21, 2013 7:42 pm

part 1:
Tora: He'd been staring at Andrew all day. And not the way the redhead would've preferred unfortunately. it was scrutinizing , and finally Trevor seemed to make his mind about something after dinner and slapped his hand against the other's forehead. " You're sick." It wasn't a question and definitely a statement.

The other had been slightly... groggy looking all day, spacing out occasionally too. And definitely the redheads temperature was warmer and probably rising. "Go to bed right now and I'll run out to get some medicine."

Wing: Andrew had noticed the staring and been slowly growing more self-conscious, wondering what was going on in his friend's mind. He was just about to ask when he turned right into said hand and jumped before leaning into it, the slightly cooler hand feeling wonderful against his heated skin.

"No 'm not," he argued, but didn't move either. "I don't get sick."

Tora: "Yes you are, you're burning up." He took his hand away and placed them both on his hips. "I can't heal the flu so you need all the rest you can get." Absolutely no way was Andrew going to get away with pretending to be ok. Trevor knew first hand how denying a cold could lead to deaths door if one weren't careful.

He should've predicted this happening. It was still chilly out and Andrew should've bundled up more. Stupid...

Wing: Andrew huffed, puffing his cheeks out a bit and glowered. "I'm not sick," he repeated, enunciating it better, and turned to go get a re-fill for his apple juice. He had been so thirsty recently and gone through nearly as much in one day as he normally drank in three.

Tora: "Stop denying it." That was one of the things he also noticed; Andrew's thirst, and he was glad that the other was drinking lots it was only further proving his thesis. "You're sick and I will tie you down if I have to." Dead serious here. He was following Andrew around just a step behind the shorter male, stern gaze boring into his head.

Wing: Andrew huffed again and set his empty cup down a bit harder then needed. He turned quickly to tell Trevor again that he was fine but stopped, blanching under his tan. He swayed as the blood rushed from his head then his eyes rolled up and he crumpled, blacking out for a short while.

Tora: "Shit!" He caught Andrew awkwardly, supporting his back and pushing him up to lean against his chest until he got a bearing. "Told you..." muttering under his breath for no one to hear. Ok... If he moved him around he could pick up the redhead bridal style and carry him to the couch. Giving him a pillow and blanket, he checked his forehead again. It somehow felt worse. Augh, why wasn't Kota home!? He couldn't just leave Andrew to run out and get some flu medicine. He was kicking himself for not thinking to buy some in the first place.

The best he could do was get him an ice pack and pat Andrews face with it and keep him from sweating too much.

Wing: Andrew moaned softly, rousing after a few minutes. His eyes fluttered open and he looked around, confused and disoriented. "Wha's goin' on?"

Tora: "You passed out and have a temperature of 100." Eyebrow cocked and tone of voice meaning 'do you believe me now?'

Wing: " 'm not sick," he said reflexively. "And I didn't pass out." He just didn't remember how he got where he was now.

Tora: "You did too and you are. what part of this doesn't say sick?" He pressed the ice pack to his forehead again, Andrew was going to give himself a headache if he kept it up.

Wing: He whined, not liking the ice pack and trying to brush it off. "Cold," he mumbled. "Don't like that."

Tora: He huffed. "Fine. But you're overheating so don't come asking for it later." Reaching over he brushed a few stray bangs away from Andrew's eyes. "So are you going to listen and rest?"

Wing: "I'm fine," he argued, trying to sit up.

Tora: "No you aren't." Gripping Andrew by the shoulders and forcing him to lay back down.

Wing: "Hey," he protested, struggling. "Stop it."

Tora: Ok now he was getting frustrated. He grabbed the others wrists and forced them above Andrews head, bringing their faces closer and Trevor's was not pleased. at all. "You. Are. Sick. Stop moving so much or you'll pass out again."

Wing: Andrew paused, stomach fluttering from the pose and how Trevor was acting. His pupils dilated from the excitement, but that was hidden by how Trevor was blocking the light. "What do I get if I listen?" he asked, wanting to just lean up and kiss the taller man.

Tora: "I'll get off of you and you can recover before you're barely able to move." The oddest expression was on Andrew's face as well. He really must not be feeling well.

Wing: "Don't want that," he said simply.

Tora: "Wh-? You want to remain sick?" Was he spouting nonsense now?

Wing: He shook his head. "Want a kiss."

Tora: "What!? Why??" He certainly wasn't expecting that.

Wing: " 'cause you're hot an' I like you," he answered, tugging at his wrists a little.

Tora: His mouth just hung open, slightly red in the face but he was rationalizing it every second that this was just Andrew in some fever dream; didn't know what he was saying at all. "Andrew... I'm just going to let you sleep ok..." He slowly released his wrists and edged away from the couch.

Wing: Andrew grumbled and started to sit up. "Not gonna sleep."

Tora: "Why not?" He was back to sitting comfortably on an ottoman on his side; he wanted to force him back down again but didn't want to be caught again.

Wing: "Wanna kiss first," he answered, dropping his feet to the floor.

Tora: He sighed. "Andrew I can't kiss you because you're sick and it'd only make me sick too." And like 50 other different reasons but that was the one he could think of that didn't require major thought.

Wing: Andrew started to pout, looking like a kicked puppy.

Tora: "Andrew..." Pleading with the other uselessly.

Wing: "Just one?"

Tora: "Ugh... fine." He leaned over and pressed his lips to Andrew's forehead. It was hot and he lingered for a moment before backing up, "Will you sleep now?"

Wing: He pouted a bit but nodded. "Staying here," he said stubbornly, grabbing Trevor's hand and tugging him toward the couch.

Tora: "But Andrew..." He had been planning to run out and get some medicine as soon as the other had fell asleep. Also reluctant to go with the feverish boy with what he might do.

Wing: "Pillow," he said, giving another tug.

Tora: Wasn't he the one pushing Andrew around just a minute ago? Either way he let the redhead pull him onto the couch, sitting at the end and scrunching himself up as much as possible.

Wing: Andrew flopped over, plopping his head in Trevor's lap, and closed his eyes.

Tora: "Sheesh. You're so much trouble." He meant it affectionately but still. He pet his hair, running his fingers through it like last time.

Wing: "Sorry," he mumbled, body relaxing under Trevor's ministrations. He swallowed then coughed a bit, eyes opening from that in tired surprise.

Tora: He started as well, snapping into analytical mode. He shifted his hand down and felt his forehead. "You're getting worse..." concerned. This was not good.

Wing: Andrew turned his face into Trevor's hand, humming softly. "Feels nice."

Tora: It was bugging him... this... feeling in his chest... He looked really cute like this and it was nagging at Trevor. He wondered if it was weird he could easily imagine Andrew with a tail and ears. He was like a little kid or a puppy and his secret love for cute things was starting to throb.

Wing: Andrew rolled over and buried his face in Trevor's stomach, snaking his arms around his waist.

Tora: Well there was definitely no escaping now. He eased against the back of the couch, letting one hand rest on the small of Andrew's back and the other sifting through his hair. He dozed off accidentally.

Wing: Andrew woke up at one point and got up to stagger to the little powder room off the kitchen, falling to his knees in there and throwing up what little he had eaten at dinner.

Tora: He woke up when the soft warmth disappeared and he was rendered cold. Where's Andrew? The thought sent him into a panic and he nearly tripped over himself to get off the couch and look. He was visibly relieved when he found him hunched over in the bathroom. He leaned down next to him; rubbing his back. "It's ok... Do you want me to run and get some medicine?"

Wing: He groaned softly and shook his head. "Makes me feel worse," he mumbled before dry heaving again. He coughed then spat into the toilet. "Water?"

Tora: "Ok." He got up again and retried a glass of water from the kitchen. He offered it to Andrew and continued to rub his back with his other hand.

Wing: He rinsed his mouth out and spat that into the toilet as well before reaching a shaking hand up to flush the mess away. "I don't think I can walk," he mumbled, voice a bit slurred.

Tora:[color=white] He nodded. "Ok, just try and hold on a little longer." He slipped his hands behind Andrews back and under his knees and lifted him up as delicately and untremulous as possible. He set him back down the couch and drew up the blanket once more. "I'll be in the chair right there." Gesturing towards the chair closest to Andrew.

Wing: Andrew had put his arms around Trevor's neck while he was carried, leaning his forehead against the healer's skin. He had been reluctant to let go and grabbed Trevor's shirt. "Don't wanna be alone."

Tora: Ok he was half expecting this. He sat on the floor next to the couch, holding Andrew's hand and resting his head on some empty couch space. "Is this fine then?"

Wing: Andrew nodded, shuffling forward a little to put his head next to Trevor's and give him a pleading look, hoping for another kiss.

Tora: "What? Do you need another glass of water?" He hasn't quite gotten what the pleading look is supposed to equal kisses yet.

Wing: Actually, water sounded good. He nodded then shook his head. "Juice, please?"

Tora: "Sorry but juice might upset your stomach again." He unlaced his fingers from Andrew and left for the kitchen. While he was there he also retrieved a blanket for himself if he was going to sleep on the floor. Handing the glass to Andrew he situated back down and watched the other. He had to make sure Andrew could sleep before himself.

Wing: Andrew drank some of it then frowned. "Not gonna be comfer'ble down there," he mumbled, tugging at the shoulder of Trevor's shirt.

Tora: He frowned a little. "But you'll get too hot if I lay with you."

Wing: Andrew pouted. "Bed?" he tried. They could be more comfortable there and have plenty of space.

Tora: "It's not near the bathroom though. And could you even make it upstairs?" He doubted it greatly unless Trevor carried him and he wasn't sure he could since he was pretty exhausted by now.

Wing: He pouted a bit more. "Bathroom upstairs isn't farer than the one down here," he mumbled. "And maaaaybe."

Tora: "Clearly you can't, so you're staying right here." He was sounding more and more like a child as the night went on; it would probably be cute if it weren't so troublesome at the moment.

Wing: "But I wanna sleep with you," he whined.

Tora: He sighed and pet Andrew's cheek to soothe him. "I'm sorry but if I sleep too close I could get sick and then there'd be no one to take care of you."

Wing: He whined a little. "Then can I have another kiss? And use your lap? I like your lap. It's warm and soft."

Tora: "Sheesh, fine..." He pecked Andrew on the cheek and crawled up back onto the couch, doing his best to get into a position they could both sleep through the night in comfortably.

Wing: After a little, Andrew sat up to tug Trevor's legs onto the couch and then draped himself over his legs and chest, smiling as he burrowed in.

Tora: Orrrr, that works too he guessed. It was his fault for letting the sick one catch him surprise in the first place. "I hope you get better soon Andrew..."

Wing: He let out a sleepy murmur, cuddling closer. "I don't. You're comfortable."

Tora: "You don't have to be sick to sleep on my lap..." He kept that sentiment under his breath. He honestly was just the type of person to let any of his friends borrow him for a pillow but it sounded embarrassing out loud.

Wing: It was probably good that Andrew hadn't heard that, or been in any condition to remember it, because he certainly would have taken advantage of that as often as he could. He always slept deepest when next to someone he trusted fully - currently only three people after what had happened with Ceara.

Andrew grumbled a little, shuffling around until he was able to settle his hips and legs between Trevor's. He sighed happily and dropped into a doze, gently fisting the healer's shirt in one hand.

Tora: He wished he had a book or something. There was nothing to do but stare at the ceiling with Andrew lying on top of him. No chance of getting out either. It's like the redhead specialized in trapping him in inconvenient positions. He lifted the bottom of Andrew's shirt up to feel his skin and eyes narrowing to find that he was still burning up.

Wing: Andrew moaned softly, pressing against Trevor and away from the hand. "Cold," he complained, not noticing how... compromising they were laying.

Tora: Crap. But thankfully Andrew didn't wake and he slowly took his hand away. It was honestly getting a bit too close for comfort now. He tried wriggling a little just to get Andrew to lighten up the pressure a bit, the other's heat off put was starting to make him a bit uncomfortable as well.

Wing: He relaxed again, returning to where he had been. It wasn't long before his sleep was disturbed with bad dreams and he started to frown, letting out soft noises of distress.

Tora: He was just dozing off himself when Andrew started to fidget. "Andrew?" He shook his shoulder gently.

Wing: He whimpered softly. " 'm sorry. Don' hur' me. 'm sorry."

Tora: "Andrew wake up, you're just dreaming." He strengthened his efforts, trying to get him out of whatever nightmare he was having.

Wing: His eyes finally opened and he blinked a few times then muttered, "Gonna be sick," and tried to get up to stagger to the bathroom again.

Tora: He followed Andrew, helping him to the bathroom and remained standing while the other began is heave. "Stay here I'm getting you medicine now."

Wing: He groaned softly, not wanting to be alone but not really in any condition to move either.

While Trevor was gone, Andrew started to feel hot and stripped to his boxers before laying on the tiles, sighing softly as that helped a little.

Tora: He returned around 20 minutes later, panting slightly from running all the way back.

"And-? Why are you naked!?" At first he thought maybe he had passed out again since he was lying on the floor but he was definitely responding. Trevor's face was red and turned slightly, trying to not look directly at Andrew as much as possible.

Wing: "Not naked," he said softly, lifting his head to look at himself. " 'm wearing boxers." He looked at Trevor, confused. "Are you sick?"

Tora: "J-just put on a shirt at least... please." He made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water and emptied out the two pills of flu medicine for Andrew.

Wing: Andrew whined but found his shirt and tugged it on before laying back again. "My head hurts," he called softly.

Tora: "Here." Back in the bathroom he held out the pills and the water. They were supposed to work fast hopefully as well.

Wing: It took a little but Andrew managed to haul himself up to take the medicine and drain the cup. He then held his arms out to Trevor in a clear request to be picked up.

Tora: Sighing, he obeyed and carried Andrew back into the living room, lying him back on the couch. "Those pills had something to make you sleepy so you don't need to lay on me this time."

Wing: Andrew didn't let go this time, holding Trevor down in an awkward position. "I like laying on you."

Tora: "But it's not going to help you get any better." Trying to unhook Andrew's arms from around him.

Wing: "But I sleep better," he whined, finally letting go.

Tora: "If I give you one more kiss will you sleep on your own?"

Wing: Andrew hesitated. "But I don't want to be alone," he said softly, pouting.

Tora: "I'll be in the chair right next to you."

Wing: He pursed his lips, thinking. "Will you pet my hair too? That feels nice."

Tora: "Sure Andrew." That was definitely doable. He sat in the chair and reached over, running his fingers through the other's hair with gentle lingering strokes.

Wing: He huffed. "You forgot the kiss," he whined, struggling to force back the exhaustion and drugs so he could sit up.

Tora: "Ok, ok..." He leaned over and just barely brushed Andrew's lips with his own and then settled back in his own chair. "That was the last one though."

Wing: Andrew didn't seem to mind that if the bright and somewhat sappy smile he had was any indication. He settled down, waiting for Trevor to start petting his hair again before he closed his eyes and dropped into sleep.

Tora: He brushed through his hair until the other looked finally put down for the rest of the night. He followed him into sleep about a minute after.

Wing: Andrew did wake once, shivering and got up long enough to stagger up the stairs for his and Trevor's blankets. He managed to make it back down and dumped Trevor's haphazardly over him then curled up on the couch again. Before trying to fall asleep again, he grabbed the other's hand and put it on his hair again, falling asleep with another smile.

Tora: Trevor was the last to wake up in the morning, his arm felt sore and he didn't remember falling asleep with it hanging over the side. "Andrew?" blearily rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Wing: He rolled his head to look over. "Morning," he rasped softly.

Tora: He stared at the redhead until he could blink the sleepiness from his consciousness enough to functionally talk. "Are you feeling any better?"

Wing: "Little," he said, carefully rolling onto his side.

Tora: "Do you need anything?" His voice sounded somewhat hoarse and he was actually acting a lot less lively than when yesterday.

Wing: He nodded a bit. "Water? Please?" He huffed. "I tried to get it myself but got dizzy."

Tora: "Ok." He got up to retrieve some. This was good, Andrew seemed a lot more sane than previously.

Wing: "You know, you've got a cute butt," he called, throwing that observation right out the window.

Tora: Well it was nice while it lasted... He came back with the water and another pill, holding the medicine out first to the redhead.

Wing: He pouted. "I don't wanna take more of that. It makes my head fuzzy." Much like the extremely rare occasions that Andrew got drunk. It also severely limited his inhibitions.

Tora: "Maybe, but it'll also make you feel better." Absolutely refusing to budge on the subject, especially after that comment from earlier.

Wing: "I don't wanna," he argued stubbornly.

Tora: "You're going to take it one way or another."

Wing: Andrew paused to give him a wary look, wondering what, exactly, Trevor was getting at. "...Can I have another kiss if I do?"

Tora: "I told you the one last night was the last." Maybe it was the morning but he was just getting exasperated easier.

Wing: He hunched his shoulders a little, realizing that he was making Trevor angry, and reached out to meekly take the medicine before rolling over to hide his face against the back of the couch, curling up again.

Tora: "Andrew don't get angry now..." He set the things in his hands down and leaned over Andrew, trying to get him to roll back over.

Wing: " 'm not angry," he said, letting Trevor roll him onto his back but not turning his face away from the cushion. "Sorry to make you mad."

Tora: "You're pouting then, and I'm not angry." He tried forcing him to sit up, look at him in some way. "I just want you to get better and you're being stubborn."

Wing: Andrew didn't want to look at him, tucking his chin in against his chest. "Sorry. I'll listen now." He'd do anything so long as he wasn't left alone.

Tora: "Good." He reached back and grabbed the water to give. "Now drink so I know you aren't hiding it in your cheek or something."

Wing: He nodded, reaching out to take the cup. He closed his eyes as he drank it, avoiding looking at Trevor. When he had enough, he handed it back to Trevor and looked down again.

Tora: He pat his head. "Good boy. Now stop pouting ok?"

Wing: "Kay," he said softly, laying down to face the back of the couch again, tucking his arms against his stomach.

Tora: He huffed. "So I'm guessing you hate me now or something?"

Wing: "Don't want to make you mad again," he said softly. He rolled over, eyes drooping as the drugs took effect quickly due to his empty stomach. "Couldn't ever hate you."

Tora: "You're not going to make me mad..." He rubbed Andrew's back soothingly. "I can make you breakfast if you feel up to it."

Wing: "Already made you mad," he mumbled then shrugged. "Dunno. Not sure if I feel sick from being sick or from the medicine," he added, letting his eyes close as he relaxed under Trevor's hand.

Tora: "You didn't. I'm just a little tired is all." He felt the redhead's body relax and that helped soothe his worries a little. "I'll make you something small after you wake up."

Wing: "Not tired," he mumbled.

Tora: "You're falling asleep right now." He grabbed the blanket that was scrunched up at the end of the couch and drew it over Andrew's curled up body.

Wing: He lifted his hand to touch Trevor's. "How's your skin so soft?" he mumbled. Andrew's own hands were calloused from his free climbing and pole swinging.

Tora: "Is it? I don't know." He never noticed if he did, but now that his attention was drawn he did realize Andrew's hand were relatively rough. "I think it would be better to have tough skin." It was harder to injure, which would be useful in his line of work.

Wing: "Can teach you climb if you want," he offered then yawned.

Tora: "Sure Andrew." He was just agreeing with him because the other was barely awake. He pet Andrew's hair again trying to lull him into some rest.

Wing: He tilted his head to give Trevor better access. "Cool. Next week," he said before relaxing into sleep.

Tora: "Mmhmm..." He stayed until Andrew's breathing evened out and then he got up to clean up a bit.

When Andrew woke up there was a small bowl of cut up fruits on the table near him and the Trev was upstairs taking a shower.

Wing: Andrew grumbled softly, managing to haul himself up to use the powder room down there before going back to flop on the couch again and try to get down a couple pieces of the fruit.

Tora: He came down shortly; loose t-shirt, hair damp and tied back, and flush from the shower. "Ah you're awake." Descending down the stairs the rest of the way, he ruffled Andrew's hair on the way to the kitchen to get himself an apple as well.

Wing: Andrew nodded a bit. "Feeling a bit better too." He looked at Trevor, still a bit pale and with bags under his eyes, but his fever seemed to have broken. "Did I... I'm sorry if I was weird. Medicine doesn't really agree with me."

Tora: "That's good." He came back over with a large apple in hand and sat down across from Andrew. "...Do you remember anything from when you were sick?"

Wing: "I think I slept on you? And I threw up. I hope I didn't do that on you."

Tora: "...You didn't and it's fine." He didn't know if he should be relieved or not that apparently Andrew couldn't remember anything that he did that entire night and morning. He ruffled the redhead's hair. "I'm just glad you're feeling better." He started to chew on his apple, this was the first thing he's eaten since last night and he was hungry.

Wing: Andrew looked at him, not willing to say that he remembered the kisses, however hazy it had been. "So, what did I do?"

Tora: "Um... you just kinda acted like a little kid is all..." He wasn't willing to go into detail; he wanted to leave Andrew some dignity and Trevor was rather embarrassed about some of the stuff he let happen as well.

Wing: Andrew winced. "So I whined a lot, huh? Sorry."

Tora: "You didn't really whine..." Just were really really affectionate and clingy.

Wing: He tilted his head. "Really? I've been told that I can act like a real brat."

Tora: He shook his head. A bit exasperating maybe, but he wouldn't really call him a brat.

Wing: "Well, still, sorry for any trouble I caused." He turned his head to cough, grimacing lightly. Great. He was going to be hacking stuff up for a couple of days now.

Tora: "It's fine, it's not like I could leave you there to wilt in the first place." He looked concerned for a minute when Andrew coughed, worried he reached over automatically to pat his back.

Wing: "Thanks." He reached out to drink a bit of his water then looked at Trevor. "Did I follow you all over the place again?"

Tora: He tilted his head. "You weren't... really capable of following anywhere." More like he forced Trevor to take him places and also prevented Trevor from going anywhere outside a 5 foot radius.

Wing: He nodded slowly. "Then sorry for latching on. When I get that sick, or drugged, or drunk, I do that."

Tora: He narrowed his eyes. "When were you drugged?"

Wing: Andrew blinked. "Uh... Well, this time I meant the medicine. Anything with a sedative doesn't react quite right with me. But... I dunno. Couple years ago?" He shrugged a bit.

Tora: "Ah... I'm sorry, I'll try to get some medicine that won't upset you if you get sick again." He was worried about the getting drugged part, even if it was far in the past. "You should still take it easy today though."

Wing: Andrew nodded. "It's okay. And don't worry, no running or anything. I'm not planning to leave the house if I can avoid it."

Tora: The corner his mouth twitched into a smile. "Good boy."

Wing: Andrew peered at him for a short while then said, "Woof," with a deadpan expression that lasted for a handful of seconds before he was smiling again.

Tora: He just stared at Andrew for several seconds and then ruffled his hair like a dog. "Ok."

Wing: Andrew scowled a bit then reached up to fix his hair. "Dude, I'm not actually a dog," he grumbled.

Tora: "Then don't make animal sounds at me." he dropped his hand back to his lap.

Wing: "Don't talk to me like I am an animal then," he snapped then winced. "Sorry! Sorry. I'm just going to shut up now and wait for the medicine to get out of my system." He tugged the blanket up to his chin and wrapped it tightly around himself, staring at the floor and just looking generally miserable.

Tora: He was genuinely surprised, not figuring Andrew was being serious. "I'm sorry." Standing up, he planned to give Andrew the apparent space he wanted.

Wing: His head jerked up. "Wait!" Andrew gave Trevor a panicked, pleading look. "I'm sorry, I really am. I'll be quiet now. Just... Please, don't go."

Tora: He raised an eyebrow. "But I thought you were angry at me just now."

Wing: "Medicine screws with my head. Makes me moody." He looked down. "I get mad quick, yeah, but it doesn't last long and..." He shifted a little. "And I don't like being alone. I don't want to chase you off or anything. I just..." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know. Go ahead if you'd rather." He'd manage; feel like shit too, but he'd manage.

Tora: He thought about it for a moment and then left for the kitchen and returned several minutes later with two mugs of tea. He laid one for Andrew and sat down in the chair still arranged from last night to be near him. "I can still pet your hair if you want."

Wing: Andrew kind of deflated when Trevor walked away and hunched in on himself, closing his eyes as he started to berate himself. So, it was a surprise when he heard the mug set on the coffee table and his expression showed that when he looked up at Trevor. "Th-thanks," he said softly, reaching out to pick up the mug and cradle it in his hands.

"I don't want to put you out any more than I already have," he mumbled, blowing on the tea lightly and doing a poor job of hiding how much he would like for Trevor to do that.

Tora: "I don't think you could anyways." Considering all the things Andrew had done when he was feverish, nothing now could really be any worse.

Hopefully the tea would settle Andrew's stomach though.

Wing: Andrew winced then took a gulp of the still hot liquid, doing his best to ignore the tears that sprang to his eyes from scalding his tongue. "Sorry for being such a bother. Go ahead and do what you need to. I'll be okay."

Tora: "You aren't a bother and I'm not going to do anything unless you ask." He sipped his own tea, the heat not really affecting him at all.

Wing: "Does that mean that if I ask, I can sit your lap?" Andrew mused, glancing over with a teasing smile and trying to put the bad mood behind them.

Tora: Well he walked straight into that one pretty much. "I don't think it'd be very comfortable." Not directly saying no just because then it would be him going back on his word.

Wing: Andrew tilted his head a little. "Trevor, do you know where I used to sleep?"

Tora: "Yeah but... it'd be less comfortable than the couch." Not to mention for it would be much more awkward for Trev if Andrew sat on him rather than the sofa.

Wing: "I'm just saying that I've slept plenty of places less comfortable than your lap would be." He laughed a little. "I think you want to say practical. Because I'll agree with that. Laps are practical for only a few things." And unfortunately none of them were things Trevor was interested in doing with Andrew.

Finishing his tea, Andrew set the mug on the table and suppressed a yawn. "Trev? Could I sleep next to you?"

Tora: His brows furrowed, Andrew didn't make sense a lot because Trevor could really not think of any practical uses besides maybe one that involved parent and child.

"Sure." Now that was something he could deal with, and hopefully Andrew wouldn't climb into his lap or anything.

Wing: Andrew blinked, not expecting the easy agreement, but he wasn't going to complain either. "Awesome. Where and how?" Because, you know, there were a lot of ways to sleep.

Tora: "I don't know." The only times he's slept with a person the situation just kind of provided that type of thing he guessed.

Wing: Andrew leaned his head back with a helpless laugh. "Well, I think I'm up to moving so there's here on the couch or I could move to the floor or we could go use a bed. Then there's if you're going to sit up or lay down with me..."

Tora: "I think you're over complicating this..." Did people really think of things like that? It seemed kinda weird to him.

Wing: "Not really. It's really down to if you'd rather I use your lap for a pillow or your chest because that always ends up happening with someone I trust."

Tora: He sighed, "Whatever feels better for you I guess."

Wing: Andrew huffed softly again. "I'm asking you what would be most comfortable for you, man. I can, and pretty much have, sleep anywhere."

Tora: "I really don't care honestly."

Wing: He nodded slowly. Okay, so, it was up to him. Indulge himself and risk doing something stupid when he woke up or not? Better not since he didn't want to risk damaging their friendship. "Okay. Come over here then. Will you be comfortable with that?"

Tora: He got up and moved to sit on one end of the couch, holding his tea high so Andrew wouldn't bump it accidentally and spill it.

Wing: Andrew waited for him to get settled then lay down again, putting his head on Trevor's thigh and curling close. "Thanks for taking care of me," he said softly.

Tora: "It's fine." He started to stroke Andrew's hair with his empty hand; the other looked comfortable. It was wrong and stupid and selfish to think of it but he imagined if Hoss hadn't left and maybe he could've been doing this with the smoker. It started to ache so he stopped thinking abut it and focused on drinking his tea.

Wing: "It's nice though. The only other person who has ever tried like this and as much as you have is Halt and that's all different. And he's got a girlfriend too so... yeah." He turned his head a little to smile up at Trevor. "I really do appreciate it."

Tora: "Aah... Well I guess you're welcome..." He wasn't really used to being thanked but lately he was starting to get used to the fact people actually had gratitude. "...Do you like this Halt?" It was just the tone of voice and wording that Andrew used that made him suspicious

Wing: Andrew rolled onto his back to look at Trevor better, a bit surprised at the tone in the healer's voice. "Halt's my best friend and brother and... A bunch of other things. I've known him since I was sixteen and he gave me a hot meal and somewhere to stay one night that winter. We're... complicated and it's hard to put into words exactly what our relationship is, but I haven't been in love with him in years." He tilted his head a little. "Why?" He pushed down the small hope that he had just heard jealousy in Trevor's voice.

Tora: "Mm... Just because it sounded like you might and I was curious." He didn't really understand completely considering he's never experienced that type of relationship - besides maybe Caden but that's a completely different story - but it was nice to know something about the redhead.

Wing: He nodded a little, shuffling a little to get more comfortable. "Nah, he's got a girl he's head over heels for and... I've kind of got my eye on someone," he mumbled, blushing a little and looking aside. "I'm not saying anything though since the entire situation there is a bit complicated and I don't want to tip the boat or anything."

Tora: He could empathize with the first issue, kind of fortunately never have experienced a one-sided love. Complications made sense, though his complications were probably a lot different than whatever Andrew's were. "Well I'm here if you want to talk even if I can't be much help."

Wing: Andrew blinked then smiled softly. "Thanks, I appreciate it." He wasn't sure if he'd ever take him up on the whole relationship thing, not until he was sure he could word things to be vague and not give away that he was talking about Trevor himself.

Letting out a content sigh, he gave another smile. "So, is there anything you want to know about me?"

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Re: Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

Post by Andrew on Tue May 21, 2013 7:44 pm

part 2:
Tora: He shrugged, "I can't really think of anything." The curiosity comes and goes and he usually wasn't the type to be curious often. He did stop petting Andrews hair for a moment though to look down at him. "But didn't you want to lay here so you could sleep?"

Wing: "Oh, I'll probably end up falling asleep at one point, but until then, why not talk?" He rolled his head to look at the coffee table. "Do you want to grab a book for when I do though?"

Tora: His face scrunched up a little uncomfortably, "I'm not... very good at talking much." Really really bad. His mother always was violent towards anything he did, Caden talked more at him, and customers really didn't want to talk to him. "I don't have any books here at the moment."

Wing: "Oh. I talk a lot, if you haven't noticed," he said with a soft laugh. But no books? Andrew should buy him some as a thank you for putting up with him. "Well, if you think of something, go ahead and ask. Mind if I ask stuff?"

Tora: "It's probably better you ask things." It probably wouldn't work the other way around. And he had trust Andrew wouldn't ask anything too touchy.

Wing: He nodded a bit. "Okay. Just let me know if you don't want to answer something. I won't push." He hummed softly. "Okay, let's start simple. What's your favorite color and food and hobby and stuff like that?"

Tora: "That's a lot of questions.." He'd expected one at a time, and didn't really know how to respond to 'stuff like that'. "I guess... green... apples... and reading?"

Wing: "Apples are awesome." And the favorite color of green amused him while making him wonder what Trevor thought of his own eyes. "Apple juice is my favorite drink. How about yours?"

Tora: He'd also like to believe the fruits kept him healthy somewhat that cheap fast food. which was really important considering. "Tea probably..." Not that he got to drink it often with no stove or kettle.

Wing: "Yeah? What kind?"

Tora: "Um... Herbal kinds?"

Wing: Andrew laughed softly. Okay, so, a variety pack of tea would be the best thing to go with. "Other than apples, what do you like to eat?"

Tora: He didn't really understand how that was funny but whatever. "I guess just fruits really."

Wing: "Man of simple pleasures, aren't you?" he asked lightly, suppressing a yawn.

Tora: "I guess if that's what you call it."

Wing: "Well, you could be the type to want caviar and wine," Andrew teased.

Tora: "And when would I have the opportunity to possibly get to eat something like that?" He barely lived better than Andrew even when he had a family supporting him.

Wing: The redhead blew a raspberry. "That's part of my point. There's plenty of people who want stuff they've never had just because they've never had it and it's supposed to make you 'better' than others because of it. Load of bull if you ask me."

Tora: "Well how was I supposed to know that?" It made no sense to him if you liked something you never tried. Really really weird.

Wing: Andrew tilted his head. "Sorry. But... it's kind of like deciding on a book to read just by the cover or getting clothes just because of the size."

Tora: His eyebrows just knitted together, still not really getting it.

Wing: "Like, deciding someone looks nice or mean or cute before even talking to them," he tried again.

Tora: He learned to not really think about people too deeply. "Can you just move to something else?" Because clearly this was a lost cause

Wing: He pursed his lips then nodded. "What kind of books do you like?"

Tora: He could actually ponder that seriously for a moment. "...Adventure and psychological themes. That type of thing."

Wing: He nodded again. "Cool. How about movies?" he asked, not able to bite back this yawn.

Tora: "Never really been fond of that type of thing." In fact most technology escapes him in general.

Wing: "Yeah, me either. I mean, some are neat, but I usually fall asleep in the middle of them. I'm not good about sitting still a lot of the time. 'Cept for being pet like you're doing."

Tora: "A-ah..." Lack of response just leaves him with a pathetic reply and awkward silence on his part.

Wing: "Feels nice," he murmured, eyes closed and starting to slip into that dozing state that made him more likely to say something he hadn't meant to say. "Makes me feel safe with you an' like I can trust you with stuff an' that you won't hurt me too."

Tora: "Yeah... I promise I wont ever hurt you." It's the least he can do.

Wing: Andrew smiled a little and rolled toward Trevor so he could bury his face in the healer's stomach. "Say, how'd you meet Shade?"

Tora: "Mm... She was in trouble and dragged me into it basically." It felt like a really long time ago thinking back. The first of quite a few stubborn idiots who seemed to follow her actually.

Wing: "What kind of trouble?"

Tora: "...I don't actually know. Trouble enough that some guys chased us for a few blocks."

Wing: He hummed softly in amusement. "And that led to her adopting you?"

Tora: "She didn't adopt me..." Just kept hanging around and forcing things onto him he never asked for.

Wing: He huffed. "Sure she did. You guys are like siblings - the good kind who watch out for each other - and she gave you a house. Just because there isn't a signed paper doesn't mean you aren't family."

Tora: He huffed back, "If you say so..." Clearly not really agreeing whatsoever.

Wing: Andrew cracked one eye open to peer at him. "Who'd you say is your closest friend?"

Tora: "......................................................Shade."

Wing: "Who would you say you're most protective of?"

Tora: "...I don't know." And that was the honest truth. He was protective of a lot of people if it came to it.

Wing: He nodded. "Okay, but you still got pretty pissed when she told you what happened with her ex, more so than when you stepped in and saved me. I seriously thought you were going to hunt him down and rip his balls off."

Tora: "Yeah well... I-it was just different, ok?" Shade was... Shade. And he hadn't liked Kier in the first place. He could relate too much to personal betrayal.

Wing: "And that would be my point," he said then yawned. "I like when she comes over. You smile more. It's nice."

Tora: "Aah, I'll remember to restrain myself more then." Drowsiness was contagious; he was starting to feel a bit drowsy himself.

Wing: Andrew moved a hand to poke Trevor's side. "Don't do that. It's nice. Besides, it's okay to be happy. You should smile more in general."

Tora: "You of all people would say that, wouldn't you?" He pushed Andrew's hand away from his stomach. Andrew with all his smiling and energy of course would have that opinion.

Wing: Andrew rolled his head to look at Trevor, said smile and energy gone to show just how weary and cynical and depressed the redhead was. "It's hard being so happy all the time. There's a lot of days that I just want to hide away from the world and cry, where I forget that, yeah, there are nice things in the world because it feels like I only ever get to see the bad. But I can't do that. Because if I start, I wouldn't ever stop and that's not living. And eventually it'd get to where the pain is bigger than the fear and I'd do it. I wouldn't be here anymore and I can't do that either because there's people who need me. So, yeah, I plaster a smile on and most days I can even fool myself." He looked away again, just kind of absently staring at Trevor's shirt.

Tora: "Andrew..." No one could've been expecting that outburst, he only was capable of staring in shock and concern for several moments. "...If that's true then you consider Shade, and me, and your cousin bad?" He can't comfort him, absolutely he didn't like the fact Andrew felt that way but he's no where close to some kind of psychiatrist; he could barely handle his own shit.

Wing: Andrew blinked and frowned, glancing back up. "What? No. That's not what I'm saying at all. I just mean that I have to act happy or... Or I'll try to kill myself again." He sighed and closed his eyes. "Honestly, I'm kind of jealous that you guys can express when you're sad and not need to worry about it the same way I do." He flapped a hand a little. "Don't worry about it. I'm just babbling."

Tora: His hand slid and gripped the back of Andrew's shirt. "How can you possibly expect me not to worry when you say something like that?" Suicide wasn't something you just casually mentioned and then ignored.

Wing: He shrugged a little. "I don't know. Most people don't care." His lips tugged up into a small, wry smile. "Of course, I don't say that to just anyone either."

Tora: He sighed, way too tired for this. "Sometimes I really don't get you Andrew..." Happy in one minute, extremely depressed then next and then back to the beginning; it seemed emotionally exhausting just watching.

Wing: "That's a good thing. Keeps things interesting," Andrew teased even as his eyes drooped shut and didn't want to open again. "Tell you what, if I start feelin' like that, 'll let you know. 'kay?"

Tora: "...Promise?" If the redhead was going to tell him these things, he wanted to make sure he actually did.

Wing: Andrew nodded with a soft hum, lifting one hand with an extended pinkie. "Promise."

Tora: He twined his pinkie around Andrew's for a moment and in a second of thought moved the other's hand to press against his lips softly. "Now sleep." Resuming to pet Andrew's head with a new gentleness.

Wing: Even the small bit surprise and confusion at the gesture couldn't pierce through his haze and he just let out a sleepy murmur before completely relaxing into sleep, a small smile on his lips.

Tora: [He stayed awake long enough to make sure Andrew was asleep and then it was lights out for him. A few hours later Trevor's hands were clenched tightly, his face screwed up and uttering the faintest whimper in his nightmare.

Wing: The sound cut through Andrew's dream, a vast contrast to the happier scene. His eyes opened slowly and he stared up at Trevor for a moment, confused, before realizing what was going on and sitting up. Shifting to his knees, Andrew moved closer and set his hands on Trevor's shoulders to try and shake him awake. "Hey, Trevor."

Tora: Nothing happened. If anything, Trevor just gritted his teeth harder and cried out slightly.

Wing: Andrew moved one of his hands to lightly tap Trevor's cheek. "Trevor, wake up man. I don't think you want to keep having your nightmare."

Tora: His eyes snapped open finally; and for a second he must've still been in a dream because he thought he saw Caden until the image clicked and it was Andrew again. Breathing hard and finding he had unconsciously fisted Andrews t-shirt. "S-sorry..." He loosened the grip but didn't let go; trembling slightly he wondered what the hell he'd been dreaming about.

Wing: Andrew shifted again so that he was straddling Trevor's lap and pulled him into a hug, looping one arm around the healer's shoulders and setting the other on the back of his head to lightly pet his hair. "It's okay."

Tora: He froze like a deer caught in headlights then slowly eased and buried his head against Andrew's shoulder. "I'm sorry." Such a bother he must be; he tried taking care of Andrew so hard but in the end it's the redhead who is coddling him.

Wing: "Don't worry about it. Can't help having a bad dream," he said softly, leaning his head against Trevor's. "Want to talk about it?"

Tora: "No... I don't even really remember what it was." Just it was something... bad. Maybe it was weird but he kinda thought Andrew smelled nice. He nuzzled just a bit closer.

Wing: Andrew nodded, tightening his hug. He blinked after a moment though. Was Trevor smelling him? He smelled a bit from the fever sweat, but under that Trevor could easily pick up the scent of fresh cut grass and oranges.

Tora: Not really. He just happened to be in a position that provided him to make the observation. "Sorry I woke you up..."

Wing: Andrew shrugged a little. "It's fine," he said, even as he yawned a little. "I probably would have woken soon anyway. I think I can manage some food." He just didn't want to move just yet.

Tora: "Do you want me to make something again?"

Wing: He shrugged again, burying his nose against Trevor's neck and taking in his scent. Books and apples. That was certain fitting for the man. And addicting for the runner. "Sure. So long as you eat too."

Tora: "Ok." He lifted his head up, "But you have to get off of me first." Now that he could think straight this was a pretty intimate position actually; it was gonna send some heat into his cheeks rather soon if some space didn't enter between them.

Wing: "Do I hafta? You're comfortable. And warm." And, you know, this was something that Andrew had wanted to do for a while. Which was why he should move.

Grumbling softly, Andrew slid off of Trevor's lap, pouting a little.

Tora: "Yeah but if you want food..." And the air finally seemed to cool down 10 degrees. He stood up and stretched to get the stiffness from such an odd sleeping position out of his limbs, shirt rising up to give the barest peek of midriff before covering it again. He was pretty sure there were ingredients enough to make something quick in the fridge.

Wing: Andrew caught the flash of pale, toned abs and stared for a moment before swallowing with a dry click. He turned to flop onto his face, smothering a whimper in the couch cushions. This was torture at times.

Tora: "Is pasta alri- Are you ok?" He'd wandered back into the living room after rummaging through some things and box of some spaghetti in hand to show Andrew when he found him like that. From what was visible the tips of his ears were all red and Trevor worried that maybe his fever was returning.

Wing: "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks," he replied, voice muffled. "Pasta sounds good to me."

Tora: That reply sounded weird to him. "Are you sure you're alright?" He touched the back of the redhead's neck, feeling for a temperature.

Wing: Andrew jumped in surprise, rolling over suddenly and falling off the couch after a short bit of flailing. "Ugh." He let his head thump back into the carpet. "Yeah. I'm good. Thanks."

Tora: "I don't think you are." He'd winced watching that dramatic fall and offered his hand to help him back up.

Wing: Andrew eyed his hand for a moment then accepted it and got to his feet easily. "It's... uh..." Well, shit. He couldn't say that it wasn't a big deal, because it clearly was; and he couldn't say that Trevor couldn't help with it, because he could. What could he say? "Don't worry about it. It's not because I'm sick, promise," he finally settled on, smiling softly.

Tora: He almost cautioned to press the subject since clearly something was up, but decided to just leave it. "Just don't fall again." Returning to the kitchen and setting some water to boil while he got a few other things out to make some kind of sauce or something to go with it.

Wing: Andrew blinked at Trevor, wondering what he meant by that. "Why not?" he asked, wrapping his blanket around himself again and padding over to sit at the island and watch Trevor cook.

Tora: "Because it probably hurts." Falling kind of had that connotation. He found some chicken and some Alfredo stuff so that would be good. Rolling up his sleeves, he started to cut the raw meat into little cubes to fry to mix with the rest of the food.

Wing: He tilted his head in confusion then realized that Trevor didn't know what his power was. That then made him start laughing. "No, not really," he managed to get out between guffaws.

Tora: To say he was just a little confused was an understatement. Pausing to just stare at Andrew and blushing slightly because, well it felt exactly like some obvious joke he just wasn't getting.

Wing: Andrew waved a hand a little as he calmed. "Sorry, sorry. You didn't know. My power prevents me from getting hurt from falls and jumps. So, well, I've fallen off of several roofs. I guess you can see why sleeping in trees or on window ledges was never an issue for me, huh?"

Tora: "Oh. That sounds useful." He kept it to himself but it sounded like it would be really useful in deliveries and why didn't Andrew just do that instead of the prostitution thing.

Wing: "Yeah, especially considering the way I run around," he said with a laugh. Leaning forward a bit, he set his chin on the counter. "Be even better if it helped me get an actual job," he muttered, more to himself than anything else.

Tora: "Aren't there courier jobs or something though?" Like hell he wasn't going to hear him this close up.

Wing: "Yeah, there are. And I run those sometimes, but between hiring a harbinger or a normal person who'll take longer, people normally ignore the harbinger." He tilted his head a little to look at Trevor. "Normally when I am hired, it's because they've literally got no other option or it can get the runner killed. Plus, I'm lucky to get paid half what a normal person would be for the same job. Usually it's like a quarter or thirty percent."

Tora: "Oh... I'm sorry." He didn't know much anything about the workforce at all. He'd had no choice in the matter and instantaneous healing wasn't exactly a job they could delegate to someone else either. He was done cutting up chicken so he got out a pan and threw them in, starting to actually pay attention to cooking now.

Wing: Andrew shrugged a bit. "It's cool. I managed after all. Honestly, the prostitution was my last resort since I suck at picking pockets. And I usually only did that when I hadn't had the money to eat in like three days." He shifted to put his arms on the counter. "Say, mind if I ask you a question?"

Tora: He had his back turned to the redhead so he allowed himself to frown. He still didn't like the fact Andrew had used prostitution even as a last resort, but at least he stopped now so he wouldn't bring it up again. "Sure."

Wing: "How disgusting do you think I am for having had done that?" Yes, that was very blunt, but better that he know now if the answer wasn't a good one and hopefully work at stopping himself from falling any more in love.

Tora: He turned the heat down and turned around again to face Andrew. "I don't think you're disgusting just.... I really wish you hadn't been forced to lower your pride like that." Andrew deserved a lot better than something like that, and very few things could be kept clean in the situation they lived in and it was just... sad and horrible that one of them had to be taken from him.

Wing: Andrew blinked a couple times then gave a shy smile. "Thanks." If he didn't think the redhead was disgusting, then maybe, just maybe, he had a chance.

Tora: Well... he was glad his words seemed to held meaning, as awkward as his articulation is. "You're welcome." He turned back to the food, throwing the spaghetti in the boiling pot now and working on everything else, completely absorbed in what he was doing.

Wing: Andrew settled in to watch, smiling as he watched the lines of Trevor's back before his gaze dropped a little lower and he started to space out. It was always nice when someone was willing to just spend some time with him, even if they were doing separate things.

Tora: He really didn't come back to Andrew until he'd placed a plates in front of both of them with the completed dish. "Are you ok?" There was a far off look in the redheads eyes.

Wing: Andrew blinked, brought back to the present suddenly. He slowly turned red, staring silently at the subject of some decidedly not innocent thoughts, then dropped his gaze to the plate in front of him. "Y-yeah. I'm fine," he said, straightening. "This smells good," he added, hoping that it would distract Trevor.

Tora: Well at least he snapped out of it. He nodded once. "As long as it tastes good too." He slowly started to eat his food as well across from Andrew.

Wing: He followed suit and dug in. "So, how have you been? In general I mean." He was curious how well Trevor was getting over Hoss, but didn't want to mention the man by name.

Tora: "Um... fine I guess?" Basically the normal for what's been his life lately. That doesn't mean exactly happy on other peoples terms but it was normal.

Wing: Andrew nodded a bit slowly. "Do you go anywhere other than here or your 'clinic'?"

Tora: He tilted his head. "The grocery store and library occasionally?" And he went for walks sometimes and got dragged to go places sometimes by friends but what did that have to do with anything?

Wing: "I'm going to drag you out tomorrow then. We'll get started on the free climbing then." Yes, he did indeed remember that agreement.

Tora: "W-wait I didn't mean-"

Wing: Andrew looked at him, eyebrows raised. After a moment, he nodded, looking down again as he finished chewing the food in his mouth and swallowed. "Okay. Nevermind then." He should have known that his was just being humored and that Trevor hadn't actually wanted to learn.

Tora: "W-wait, no, t-that's not what I mean!" It's true he kinda did say that just to calm Andrew but after seeing the disappointment on his face. "I-I'm just... not really... good with heights..."

Wing: Green eyes flickered up again. "Trev, do you trust me?"

Tora: "Y-yeah but..." He's really not good with heights.

Wing: "Then will you at least let me teach you the basics? I promise, no higher than fifteen feet. And I'd be right next to you the whole time. My power can affect other people if I'm touching them."

Tora: "F-fine then..." He gave up. In the short amount of time since he's known Andrew, Trevor knows he hasn't won once.

Wing: Andrew gave Trevor a wide smile that made his eyes light up. "You'll have fun. And if not, I'll buy you some books or an apple pie or something."

Tora: He sighed. "Please stop acting like you can get away with everything by bribing me."

Wing: He blinked a little, straightening. "It's not a bribe and I don't think that. It'd just be something to make it up to you." He pushed his mostly eaten food away a bit, food turning to ash in his mouth. "I honestly just want to spend some time with you because I think of you as a friend." He sighed softly. "You know what, don't worry about it. You don't want to; I'm not gonna make you. Thanks for the food." Pushing away from the island, he carefully got to his feet and gathered the blanket around himself again. "I'm gonna go lay down again."

Tora: "Wait Andrew, I didn't mean to upset you..." It was a weak calling out and died at the end in his throat. Well he felt like shit now. He really didn't mean to make him feel bad, he was just nervous. This is why people shouldn't get close to him. He only fucked everything up and then they left. "...I'm sorry..." whispered under his breath and by no means would Andrew be able to hear it. What now?

Wing: "It's fine," he said in answer to Trevor's first comment, but didn't turn back. While Andrew might have been feeling better, he was by no means one hundred percent nor did he want to be alone so he just shuffled over to the couch and curled up in the same place as before rather than try and venture upstairs. He could feel that niggling in the back of his throat that heralded coughing, but he did his best to bite it back and then muffled it when he couldn't. He was embarrassed to realize that it sounded like he was crying and that there was no way he could sound different without actually coughing - and he wasn't sure which was going to be worse for Trevor to see, especially since it hurt his throat and that brought tears to his eyes.

'I really am pathetic, aren't I?' he thought, pressing his face into a pillow as the fit passed.

Tora: He sat there for a several moments just feeling crap and slowly got up to clean up both of their meals, storing what was left in a container for tomorrow or whenever they could feel like eating again. It was muffled but he heard Andrew in the living room and it suspiciously sounded like crying. It further plummeted Trevor's emotions into despair and regret. Did it really mean that much to Andrew? "A-Andrew?" Hesitantly reaching out to him with his heart thumping heavily, because what if the redhead hated him now? Seriously this time.

Wing: "Yeah?" he asked, voice a bit strangled. He rolled onto his back, blinking the tears away to see Trevor clearly.

Tora: "I-I'm really not good with heights but... I-I'll try I guess... I-if you still want t-to..."

Wing: Andrew gave him a wan smile. "Yeah, I would, but if you're afraid of heights and don't want to, I'm not gonna push it." He turned his head to cough again then faced Trevor again. "Seriously, it's fine."

Tora: "It's not fine when you're upset like this," frowning while watching him cough. No he definitely was not better yet. Frankly this argument could only make things worse.

Wing: Andrew gave him an odd look. "Upset? I'm not upset. A bit disappointed, sure, but that's nothing new." Seeing the look on Trevor's face, he lifted a hand and waved it a bit. "No, sorry, that came out wrong. I just meant that it's normal for people not to want to do the stuff I do because they don't have the same fallback I have because of my power. I'm used to it. It's okay." He shrugged a bit. "The only thing that bugs me is that you said something you didn't mean. I'd rather be told the truth than humored, you know? But it's cool. I'm fine." He gave a soft smile, lightly grabbing Trevor's hand in the hopes that it would help reassure the healer.

Tora: He squeezed Andrew's hand lightly; lips pursed. This was still upsetting for him. He regretted what he said earlier and right now. Should've just agreed and put his selfish fears in a jar and stored away from this. "I don't mind going out with you still though. We can do something else instead." No he does not realize the way that sentence was worded could sound so much like a date.

Wing: Andrew blinked a few times then smiled widely. "That sounds like an awesome idea." He sat up carefully and hugged Trevor. He wanted to think that Trevor had just asked him out on a date, but wasn't willing to get his hopes up either. "Seriously man, it's fine. But you pick what we do, okay?"

Tora: "Um... I'm not actually... I don't really know what we would do..." Anytime he was dragged out by his friends they basically just took him along with whatever they were doing. Trevor really didn't do much that could be enjoyed by two people.

Wing: Andrew leaned back again and tilted his head as he thought. "Well, there's always the movies." Though he'd fall asleep if they went there. "Or bowling or something like that."

Tora: "Ah... I-I don't know..." Both of those honestly didn't sound much fun for him because yeah he'd fall asleep in the movies too and he had no clue how to bowl plus all those people made him anxious. "C-can you just pick something?"

Wing: He pursed his lips then grinned. "Picnic lunch and rollerblading? Or! Or. A tandem bike," he tossed out, not particularly serious since those definitely sounded like date ideas.

Tora: "Um... I'm not sure about the other two but a picnic sounds fine." They could just hang out at the park or something. That was nice, Trev used to do that fairly often when he was younger.

Wing: Andrew blinked again then smile. "Awesome. When it gets warmer though so we don't feel like we have to rush to keep warm?"

Tora: "Ah. R-right..." He forgot it was still really chilly outside.

Wing: The redhead glanced over then smirked. "Well, if you want to go this week, we can always bring an extra blanket and cuddle up together," he teased.

Tora: He frowned. "No, you could still easily catch cold again this week so that's a bad idea." Ignoring the cuddling part of that.

Wing: Andrew snorted. "I'm surprised I got sick in the first place. I don't think I'll get sick again," he argued mildly, but lifted his hands to show that he was giving into Trevor's medical opinion. Or, well, more medical than his at any rate.

Tora: "Better safe than sorry. What would you do if I got sick too?" Yeah he really didn't want Andrew sick again; it was a miracle Trevor wasn't sick from being in such close proximity taking care of Andrew.

Wing: "Call Doc Rhodes," was the prompt answer. "Then do what she tells me to do."

Tora: He facepalmed and sighed. "That's not exactly what I meant..." Although technically it was an accurate answer.

Wing: "Then what did you mean?" he asked, shuffling a bit to tug the blanket over his shoulders again.

Tora: "I mean like... if you were sick and I got sick also, there would be no one to take care of either of us."

Wing: He nodded slowly. "Well, yeah, I'd just call either the Doc or Halt. You could call Shade. And there's also Kota, when he's here."

Tora: "Yeah just... nevermind..." He doesn't know what he's saying anymore.

Wing: Andrew shrugged easily before he started coughing, hiding his face in the blanket. "I hate hacking."

Tora: He leaned down and rubbed Andrew's back, "I'm sorry. Want some water?"

Wing: He nodded a bit before speaking. "Do we still have juice?" he mumbled, reaching over for a tissue to spit some phlegm into it.

Tora: "Yeah." He left and brought a glass full of orange juice back a moment later, holding it out to the redhead.

Wing: Smiling lightly, he snaked a hand out and took the glass to start sipping at it. He looked down, hoping that he wasn't visibly blushing over how their fingers had brushed together. The redhead couldn't believe how frequently he was getting flustered like a kid with their first crush.

Tora: He sat down next to him, resting his chin in one hand while examining the other closely. "Are you tired at all?"

Wing: "Off and on, yeah." He huffed softly. "But I'm getting restless too. Not enough activity. I'm about to start crawling up the walls."

Tora: "Mmm... I could help you walk up and down the stairs I guess." Going outside was not a good idea with the weather.

Wing: "...You sure that's a good idea?" he asked. Yeah, he wouldn't get hurt if he fell, but if that happened and Trevor landed first, he still could be. Plus, Andrew was sure that having Trevor's arm around and hands on him would make him... react.

Tora: "About as good as any." There was really no other ideas he could think of as an alternative. He stood back up again, holding out his hand for Andrew.

Wing: Andrew hesitated then took his hand. When he was upright, the blanket left on the couch, he put one arm around Trevor's waist. "Thanks."

Tora: "No problem." He supported Andrew's other side by keeping a firm grip on his waist and took a couple steps forward, seeing how much Andrew could handle for now. They'd take this one step at a time.

Wing: He was walking fine, if leaning against Trevor a bit. If he was being honest with himself, he was probably leaning against him more than he needed to, enjoying the heat that was seeping through their clothes. Andrew wasn't sure why he kept doing this to himself since it got to be torture, but he was stupid enough to keep doing it.

Tora: "You doing ok?" He seemed to be walking fine but he could feel Andrew leaning on him heavily. The other still felt warm through this, a sign he wasn't better but not as bad as before.

Wing: Andrew nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just... uh... impolite thoughts right now," he said with a mildy embarrassed laugh.

Tora: "Huh?" He didn't get what that meant at all.

Wing: He shook his head. "Nothing. Don't worry about it," he said, reaching out with his free hand to lightly grasp the railing.

Tora: Brows furrowing slightly, "Telling me that is just going to make me worry more." He moved to support Andrew from behind, adjusting his arms to support the other's back to both help him up and also be ready to catch him if he fell back or suddenly collapsed.

Wing: "Trust me when I say that you really don't want to know."

Tora: He puffed a cheek out now. "You're not helping."

Wing: "It involves sex," he said bluntly, glancing back at Trevor with a smirk.

Tora: Ok Andrew won that round, face reddening significantly but the determined look not going away. "I-I don't really know anything about it but I'll listen." He figured it probably had to do with that person he liked, or Halt. He promised he'd be supportive of Andrew even if it came to stuff like this.

Wing: Andrew blinked, startled, and tripped on the next step, not expecting him to say that at all. The blush was expected, sure, but sputtering was what he had predicted.

Tora: It was a pretty interesting sight probably when Trevor had to catch Andrew in that split second, the redhead's back being pressed into Trevor's chest tightly along with the latter's arms around his waist trying to keep them both from falling backwards.

Wing: Andrew's hand tightened on the banister and he reflexively yanked them forward, grunting softly as the air was pushed out of his lungs when Trevor landed on him. After a moment, he started to snicker then laugh. At least with the redhead's hand hitting the stairs first, Trevor's arms weren't going to be bruised.

Tora: It was surprising that he didn't feel any expected pain from falling pretty heavily downward, but enough of that because Trevor's face landed right on Andrew's chest and heard the breath get knocked out of him. He jolted up just enough to see his face, accidentally getting them a bit close in fact. "Are you ok? You aren't hurt right?"

Wing: Andrew's laughter stopped abruptly and he swallowed softly, mouth dry again. Oh, this was even more tempting to kiss him than earlier had been. "Y-yeah. I'm fine. Told you, my power works for falls and jumps," he said with a laugh.

Tora: He kinda wanted to say technically he fell on Andrew and ask if that counted but he really seemed fine now. "Ok... Are you ready to go back to the couch or want to try this again?" He pushed himself off Andrew and into sitting beside the stairs, helping the other sit up as well.

Wing: Andrew looked at him. "I dunno. You gonna say anything else that is gonna surprise me?"

Tora: He blushed just a little. "W-what was so surprising about it?"

Wing: Andrew laughed a little. "Dude, no offense, but you don't seem the type to be remotely comfortable when it comes to talking about sex."

Tora: He did splutter a little at that. "W-well... you seemed bothered s-so I just..." He just wanted to help.

Wing: That reaction got a fond smile out of Andrew. "I appreciate the offer, but are you sure you want to let it stand all things considered?"

Tora: ".....I just want to help." And if he could do that by awkwardly listening to Andrew's sex life well...

Wing: Andrew's smile widened a bit and he snaked an arm around Trevor to hug him lightly and leaning his head on the other's shoulder. "Thanks. I'll spare you all the sordid details of my escapades though." He laughed softly before sobering a bit. "Maybe you could give me your opinion though? This person I like got dumped a little while ago and I'm pretty sure isn't over the boyfriend. They're also a bit shy. I've been giving them their space, but I'm not even sure where I stand with them. What do you think I should do?"

Tora: Guiltily relaxing a tad because, thank god he didn't have to have some awkward sex talk even though he would've done it for Andrew's sake. "Well... I guess you should just wait it out for a while... Um, is it possible their boyfriend could come back?" Clearly he's any better at relationship advice than he would've been at the former topic of choice.

Wing: "Really doubtful. And if the ex does, I'm going to have words with him and possibly punch him in the face because it was a shitty way that he left and the person I like didn't deserve that at all." And he should probably change the subject soon otherwise Trevor might figure it out.

Tora: "I-I see..." Luckily for Andrew, Trevor is a giant dense idiot who doesn't have a clue who the redhead was talking about. "Um... T-then just let them know you're there, I guess? Um, probably helping them get over it would be a good step?"

Wing: He nodded slowly. "That's the thing though, I'm not really sure how to do that other than, you know, just being my normal, idiot self. I have no idea if I'm helping him at all or not." And oops, hadn't meant to let that 'him' slip out but too late now.

Tora: "Um... well... I guess you should just ask them? L-like what you could do to help them most I guess..." Well it's not like detailing Andrew's crush was a boy gave him any hints.

Wing: "But how do I ask without completely giving away that I like him?" he asked. Considering how the conversation had been so far, he would be astonished if Trevor didn't figure it out if Andrew asked right now.

Tora: "A-ah well then... Uh... T-try being subtle?" As if that weren't an obvious point already. His brain is running on overdrive with this, never dealt with anything close to these things.

Wing: Andrew laughed softly and tilted his head to look up at Trevor. "Uh, have you seen how I am? I'm not a very subtle person." Of course, with how Trevor was, he probably wouldn't figure out it was him unless Andrew said it outright or just kissed him.

Tora: "A-ah sorry then..." He couldn't really think of anything. If it were him he probably would've blurted it out by now on accident. Maybe that's why he never had a good relationship.

Wing: Andrew shrugged a little. "It's okay. I'll figure it out and just keep an eye on him and wait until I get a good opening," he said with a soft laugh. Eying the stairs a little, he sighed softly. "I suppose we should give this up as a bad idea so that we don't fall again."

Tora: "Y-you're probably right..." This he could handle... Stairs. Yeah. It was a lot easier to think about than romance. "Do you want me to carry you back down?"

Wing: Andrew paused then grinned. "Sure thing, big boy. Just sweep me off my feet why don't you?" he teased.

Tora: "Say it like that and I won't." But he was already scooping Andrew up into his arms in a bridal carry and making their way back to the couch.

Wing: Andrew stuck his tongue out at Trevor, putting his arms around the taller man's neck. "I should thank you properly," he said when he was put down. Before Trevor could pull away, he leaned forward to give a light peck to the healer's cheek, grinning the whole time.

Tora: He gave a light sigh; good-humoredly though. "Well you're definitely not better yet if you're still kissing me." Petting his head one more time, he pressed his lips against Andrew's forehead again. "I'm going to clean a little." There was some laundry that needed doing a couple other things. He left the redhead to get some rest with a small smile and wave.

Wing: Andrew let his head fall back with a sigh when Trevor vanished. Yeah, he was definitely oblivious and subtle wouldn't matter much with him. Well, not much he could do but watch and wait and hope. Settling down again, he let his eyes close and he started to doze, a light smile on his lips.

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Re: Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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Re: Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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Re: Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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Re: Sick -- Andrew, Trevor ((canon))

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