Update - 6/01/2013

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Update - 6/01/2013 Empty Update - 6/01/2013

Post by The Bulletin on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:45 pm

Stats have changed again. I'm sure you're all sick of this by now, but these stats should be easier to quantify while the removed ones are best shown through role-playing.

STRENGTH: physical strength
STAMINA: ability to withstand injury / fatigue
SPEED: physical speed
COORDINATION: flexibility / balance
WILLPOWER: ability to keep in control / ignore things

You now have 32 points to distribute as normal. Once we get things priced out, the rep market will open and you will be able to purchase items that give stat increases. More information will be given when that time comes.

Also, we're going to be open for applications all month rather than just two weeks.

The Bulletin

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