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Post by The Bulletin on Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:15 pm

And in one of our top stories for the night, the reported number of missing and kidnapped juveniles aged 9 to 16 has taken a dramatic upswing. Analysts say that the number has more than tripled from just two months ago.

The lack of evidence involved has led police and other officials to speculate that the perpetrators are harbingers. Interviews are being conducted.

The Council has issued several mandates for the populace. A curfew of 20:30 has been instituted for anyone under the age of majority. Minors must be accompanied by an individual of at least 20 years old. Any minor caught out after curfew will be detained by police until either a parent or guardian is able to retrieve them or until 7:30.

All Harbingers are confined within the city limits and anyone who wishes to leave the City for any reason must fill out the proper application - is available at any police precinct and the Outer Gates.

Both the Northern and Southern River gates are closed and any packages or shipments passing the City limits are liable to searches.

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