Cute Little Fuzzies [Nathan and Cass]

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Cute Little Fuzzies [Nathan and Cass] Empty Cute Little Fuzzies [Nathan and Cass]

Post by Nathan on Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:23 am

Nathan covered up a yawn, shifted the small bag of cat treats to one arm so he could rub his eyes as the cockatoo in the display tilted its head at him.  It may have been just past noon, but these days he’d still be sleeping until 4:00 PM, what with work taking up his nights. Today, though, his older siblings had needed a helping hand in their coffee shop.

(“It’s your turn,” Hanna said, pulling his covers off. “Besides, I have plans today.” When he only curled into a ball and muttered obscenities, she dragged him out of bed and threatened to put a kitty on his face.)

At least his shift was over – with no offense meant to James and Stephanie, but he had enough of customers from the night before, and those in daylight weren’t all that much better. But instead of hopping on the Metro back to the South District for some well-deserved rest, he had stopped by a nearby pet store. If he was going to be out and about, he may as well run some errands and see all the cute animals, right?

Anyways, the pet stores – at least this one, as he hadn’t been to the others – in the East District were nicer than those in the South, with a larger selection of, well, everything. Parakeets and canaries, parrots and cockatoos, fish and…fish. There were sections for reptiles and turtles, rats and hamsters and guinea pigs (and even a chinchilla!). More importantly, they sometimes had adoptions for cats in the back, and he made sure to show up to adore them (he made sure not to tell Cinnamon and Spice about that).

He yawned again and, cradling the bag to his chest, left the bird section to take a look at the other animals, and that chinchilla by the rodent section especially.

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Cute Little Fuzzies [Nathan and Cass] Empty Re: Cute Little Fuzzies [Nathan and Cass]

Post by Cass on Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:34 pm

Cassandra had been wanting a pet for a long time but her mother and grandparents hadn't exactly been receptive to it - though that was nothing new. Her mother always said the same thing when she brought it up, that they didn't have the money because she spent so many credits on clothes that fit Cass properly (like it was her fault that she was already passing five foot eight and still growing).

Now, however, with knowing who her dad is and being able to spend time with him, and him giving her a job, she could use some of her earnings to buy a pet. And she was at his apartment so often that somewhere to house it wouldn't be a problem. He probably wasn't going to remember her having asked if she could get something small with what she wasn't putting into a savings account, but even so, she was sure he'd let her anyway, so long as she was the one taking care of it - which was fine by her since the less she was home, the better.

She straightened from where she was crouched in front of the guinea pigs and took a step back, not having noticed that Nathan had come up behind her to look at the animals across the aisle.

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