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Character Request - Isadoria Empty Character Request - Isadoria

Post by Claire on Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:37 am


REAL NAME: Isadoria Blaine
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
WEAPON: Primary: Knives ; Secondary: Blood

PERSONALITY: Isadoria is a kind of relaxed tomboyish type of person. She tends to be rather outspoken with her comments if she’s in the presence of people. She has a tendency to be very rude since she doesn't care how people perceive her opinions People around her also tend to think she’s kind of out of it since she has a habit of talking to herself idly. She has a rather chill demeanor, where she’s usually sitting on a bench or leaning against a wall somewhere, usually trying to have a chat with a passerby.

BRIEF HISTORY: Isadoria was born in the West District to a Corporate owning mother and a stay at home father. She grew up being a single child and was placed into private schools and such from what her father thought would bring a better education. Often times, after playing outside, she would suffer from dizzy spells for unknown reason. As this started happening more frequently, she was taken to the doctor and they decided to run blood tests on her. Upon further inspection from the medical doctors she was then diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia. Origin of the disorder has yet to be figured out. So she now treats it with medication. At 16 she was placed into a Private boarding school in the north district for business due to her mother. From there she learned about the Gender diversity and the LGBT community and found interest in gender fluidity. She soon started to then masculinize herself and began identifying as bi-gendered. Once her mother found out she removed her from school and placed her in private tutoring.

During this time, due to her mothers snide and harsh remarks about Isadoria’s lifestyle began to take up hairstyling to keep her mind busy and away from lashing out. One evening while styling her hair, she nicked her ear and started to bleed profusely. While trying to clean it up she grumbled, wishing that her blood would scab up quicker and noticed the blood started to solidify instantly. Surprised, she touched it and felt the semi-firm reddish scab. Confused and somewhat excited, she looked down at the small puddle of blood on the bathroom sink thought about moving it and watched it follow her hand. She began to play with the stream of blood and let sit in her hand as processes what just happened. While holding the blood in her hand she felt it harden on her hand. Realizing this new power she began to tamper with it whenever she would go to the doctor for blood tests. Thinking she could do this with any type of blood she took a tube of blood randomly from a nurse cart in the hospital she frequented. She soon figured out she could only do the manipulation with her own blood. So she started to use the syringes she got from recreational activities, to draw blood from her body to manipulate. Around this time her pupil began to turn a deep crimson red as she tampered more with her power. Her medical doctors just assumed it was some strange rare case of broken capillaries in the pupil or jaundice.

Later due to her cynical responses to her mother's demands, it soon led to a verbal fight and soon a physical fight between her and her mother. This resulted in her using her power out of anger on her mother a slashing her arm with a stream of her blood. Shocked at the act and realizing her is a harbringer, isadoria's mother wanted her gone. Although her father tried to calm her mother and to diffuse the situation, Isadoria who was fed up with her mother’s actions and slander, decided to agree and leave and not look back. With help from her father sneaking her money, she managed to travel to the south district and find a hole in a wall apartment at the age of 19.

Her current occupation is a Freelance Hairstylist and Escort for 3 years in the South and East Districts.

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POWER:Blood Manipulation. She can move and manipulate the form of her own blood that she removes from her body at will.
RESTITUTION: She was born with Hemolytic Anemia, so her blood in general is somewhat thin and suffers from fatigue very easily due to her usage of her power and her red blood cell rates.
EYE COLOR: Pale Green with a red pupil.

Strength: 6
Stamina: 4
Speed: 7
Coordination: 6
Willpower: 9

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Character Request - Isadoria Empty Re: Character Request - Isadoria

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