And a pumpkin f*** you to go [open]

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And a pumpkin f*** you to go [open] Empty And a pumpkin f*** you to go [open]

Post by Caden on Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:27 pm

Why do people pay so much money just to get some fucking whipped cream and some probably mass produced graham bits- or whatever the hell it is- thrown onto goddamn everything. Not to mention fall meant pumpkin /everything/. When you need to make important illegal dealings with people who’re so soaked in blood that they sweat the red stuff you don’t want to smell like fucking pumpkin frosting. Of course he could just be cranky because it’s 8 am, raining so he can’t take a smoke, and he received news last night that his little panda is falling further into blissful domestication. How repulsive.

It’s like 10 degrees outside and pouring why the hell does that never stop the morning rush. He’d have to maybe see what happens when you deprive a hardcore addict of his coffee in his spare time. Caffeine was technically a drug after all and drug addicts were so very easily manipulated. He sighed and called over whoever the hell was next in line. Hurry someone interesting show up so he can relieve the irritation.

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