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{Haze} Don't Screw This Up {Flara} Empty {Haze} Don't Screw This Up {Flara}

Post by Ceara on Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:52 am

She would usually do this with her partner, but given that she had gotten fresh meat for this assignment, Ceara wanted to scope this place out before the new kid distracted her.

The target was someone she had seen around headquarters often - and now she knew why - but not someone she had ever worked with. That was good. She didn't have to worry about any sort of attachment to him, though even if she had one she didn't think it would be a problem. This guy - Blaze, as he called himself, appropriate considering his affinity for pyrotechnics - was a liability to the gang, and a liability to the gang was a liability to Ceara. It was just how it was; the higher up in the gang you were, the more of a chance you were going down if the gang collapsed.

Blowing the hair out of her face, she sighed and slipped into a nearby alley, where she told her partner to meet her. There wasn't anything really special about this place, no increased security, no fancy things to break into. It was just as derelict as any other place in the South. He probably thought he was a good enough leak to not be discovered. Obviously not.

Getting inside his apartment wouldn't be a problem, but making his death look like an accident would be. Ceara had left her hammer at home - this would need a little more subtlety.
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