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Character Request - Michael Faust IV Empty Character Request - Michael Faust IV

Post by Angel on Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:24 am

REAL NAME: Michael Faust IV
CODENAME: Puppeteer
AGE: 21
WEAPON:  throwing knives, leather gloves with steel nail tips, and his power

PERSONALITY: Michael is ruthless, but not without restraint. He has a high sense of pride in himself, but when angered he doesn’t lose control. In fact he tends to become more cold and ruthless. He normally doesn’t concern himself with the trouble of others, but there are certain things that he will not forgive and which the offender will most likely be found and killed for. He also sees being a harbinger as a blessing proving that he’s better then the average human.

BRIEF HISTORY: Michael knows nothing about his biological parents because he was left at an orphanage when he was just a baby.  He stayed at the orphanage until he was six when a rich businessman named Michael Faust III decided to take him home and groom him into the successor of his business. Michael took on the name of his adoptive father, but there was almost love in the relationship between the two.  Michael was being taught on how to properly run a business for several years, before he and his was caught in an assassination attempt. During the attempt on his father’s life Michael was captured and was going to be used as bait to for the bodyguards to lay down their weapons when Michael’s panic triggered his powers and his hairs shot out and skewered the assassin holding him.

After that day Michael was not only taught on how to run a business, but his father made him train with his main bodyguard, Philip, and he learned on how to control his power with deadly precision over a few years and he found that he enjoyed that kind of training much more then he did the business studies.  However he was taught to understand the importance of having strength both physically and mentally because of Philip.

Philip had become Michael’s second father in a sense and he would give Michael the emotional connection he never knew he needed. Sadly after another attempt on his father’s life Philip lost his life. Michael’s father had ended up dying in the attempt anyway and ended up leaving Michael a fortune in his will. Michael felt no responsibility towards the company that he was being groomed to take over and sold it to the highest bidder for another fortune partially out of spite for his father for causing Philip’s death to be in vain.

He inherited the house his father lived, but quickly sold that as well as the contents to the highest bidder as well and moved into one of the apartments his father used to own and placed his fortune in several accounts as he’d been taught. He continued with both his studies and physical training using the money to hire teachers and trainers. He now lives out of the apartment and owns several pieces of real estate, which he rents out to keep a steady flow of income. The fact that he could live comfortably for the rest of his life with the money he has, he wishes to find out who it was behind the assassination attempts so he can have his revenge on them for having killed the one person that had treated him with any kindness.

IMAGE/DESCRIPTION: Michael has straight black hair that he keeps in a ponytail and lightly tanned clear skin. He is 5’10 and has toned muscles all over his body thanks to all the martial arts training he does. He prefers to be lithe and light rather than burdened with heavy muscles. He has a strong jawline and a cold look on his face most of the time, but he shows emotions when he feels comfortable being around someone.

Having become a bit paranoid about random assassination attempts from his childhood he wears clothes that have hidden pockets to hide his throwing knives and his gloves have metal plates hidden under the leather and steel nail tips and small holes so that he can extend his hairs without destroying the gloves.

Out of the habit his father instilled in him he prefers to where formal clothes such as button-up shirts and vests, but he’s had the clothes tailored to have carbon fibers added to them so that they are more durable and can protect him. He wears very little jewelry, preferring to only wear an earring that once belonged to his friend Philip that is nothing more than a small silver loop that his hair normally hides. ________________________________________

MUTATION: Michael has the ability to extend and manipulate the hairs on his body. Individually the hairs can be as sharp as steel wires and can extend to about ten feet from Michael’s body, but the farther they extend the longer it takes for the hairs to respond to Michael’s commands. The hairs can be braided together to make solid objects such as a shield or spear.

RESTITUTION: After he uses his power Michael is forced to speak in rhyming couplets for as long as he has used his powers for.

EYE COLOR:  He has black eyes with several thin white circles in the iris

STATS: 32 points
SPEED: 8/10

Burlywood for text Steelblue for speech 
D rank
D rank

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Character Request - Michael Faust IV Empty Re: Character Request - Michael Faust IV

Post by The Bulletin on Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:41 am

Character approved.

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